Custom Tin Boxes Packaging Made In China

Custom tin boxes are bespoke packaging solutions made from tinplate material, designed and crafted to meet specific customer requirements. These boxes offer a versatile and durable option for packaging various products, ranging from cosmetics and confectionery to gifts and promotional items. What sets custom tin boxes apart is their ability to be fully customized according to the brand’s unique identity, allowing for personalized logos, artwork, colors, and designs to be incorporated. 

Common styles of custom tin boxes

Here we list some comon styles of tin boxes for your reference. And also we could do customized design as per your requirements. Due to very expensive model, we suggest use the common structure of tin box when the order is below 5000 copies.

Sliding tin boxes

Custom sliding tin boxes have a sliding lid, which is hold by the rolled edge. This structure of tin boxes is suited to thin goods inside.These boxes feature a unique sliding mechanism, allowing for effortless access to the contents while adding a touch of sophistication to the overall packaging experience. 

Flip top tin boxes

Flip top tin boxes are versatile and practical packaging solutions that offer a seamless blend of convenience and durability. The flip top mechanism provides a secure closure, ensuring that the items stored within are well-protected.

Lid and base tin boxes

A lot of clients would like the structure of lid and base box, and print a logo on it. This design don’t need a complex design and could be finished by supplier.

Full color printing will make the packaging tin boxes having the brand information on. And it need more cost and time to do.

Customization Options

You can personalize the tin boxes with their logos, brand colors, artwork, or any specific designs. Highlighting your ability to offer tailored solutions would be beneficial. As below, there are some common customization to highligh the brand.

Embossed / Deboosed Logo

A debossed logo creates an impression or indentation on the surface of the tin box. The logo is pressed into the material, resulting in a sunken or recessed effect. The debossed logo offers a more subtle and understated aesthetic, while still providing a tactile element. It gives a sense of texture and refinement to the tin box, appealing to those who appreciate subtle elegance.

tin boxes

Transparent window tin boxes

The transparent window serves multiple purposes. It allows brands to showcase their products, enticing customers with a preview of what’s inside. This is particularly beneficial for products that have visual appeal or unique features that can be displayed, such as confectionery, gifts, or specialty items. The window also create a connection between the customer and the product.

tin boxes

The model size of tin boxes in stock

The common sizes of tin boxes vary depending on the specific application and industry. However, there are several standard dimensions that are commonly used for various purposes. Here is a general description of some common sizes of tin boxes:

Rectangle boxes

Square boxes

Cylinder boxes

Shaped boxes

When sourcing tin boxes, it is advisable to consult with our team to determine the precise size options available for your particular packaging needs. You know, the above size is for inner size of tin boxes, which is not suit to your products perfectly. Please make sample of your products inside to test firstly before order. And contact us to get more sizes in stock when your sizes is not on the list aboved.

Customization Process

Tin Boxes 2

Details To Quote

  1. Share us the size of tin boxes you want
  2. Confirm how many copies of tin boxes to order
  3. Share the cutomized options you want for brand
  4. M.O.Q: 3000pcs
  5. Our team will send you a custom quotation
  6. If you also need other kinds of boxes, click more.

There is no fixed prices for tin boxes due to customized services. Contact us via the form as below to get a fast quotation. By the way, the smallest order to tin boxes is 3000pcs.

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