Among many closure boxes, Magnetic clasps are just one type you can have to put on the pieces of jewelry items that you are selling. Though, it is not the cheapest boxes that you can opt for, but certainly not the most expensive types of closures. These boxes are made out of durable board material and each attaches at the hinged lid making it comfortable to open that makes the box structure special. The lid is exclusive to this design along with the magnetic fastening that seals the retail or gift items. So, for making a good impression on your customers this option is among the best you can have.

Safety and security of the expensive items like jewelry remains safe in the Magnetic closure boxes as they closes down the entire portion automatically with a cling to the other portion. That means the chances of losing even a smallest item is very minimal. These boxes are an upscale gift box that is perfect for giving cosmetics as they will remain safe from getting damage, and also you can use it as corporate promotional and exhibition sets. Due to rigid style, Magnetic Boxes are gets folded uniformly, therefore, easy for storage.

Cosmetic gift boxes must exude elegance, striking colors yet not gaudy, and most importantly it should be attention-grabbing. Get hold of these gracefully designed boxes with all the desired specifications that your customers will love in it. You can get sizes and colors customized as per your needs. You can go for eco-friendly, durable, UV printing or abrasive coating.