Triangle Cardboard Box

Triangle Cardboard Box

Triangle cardboard box is a type of packaging design with a special shape to attract more eyes. Triangle box packaging solution is a three cornered structure similar as a triangle.

Want the packaging into triangle shaped boxes to attract more eyes? CBP BOX company have rich experience about custom triangle boxes to help you build the triangle shaped packaging boxes from China.

Free template will be provided after the best quotation. And small MOQ to do cutom as 500pcs.

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This style of packaging is often used for promotional purposes, special events, product launches, or any situation where the goal is to capture attention and stand out on the shelves. Triangle box packaging can be customized in terms of materials, colors, sizes, and finishes, allowing brands to create a packaging solution that aligns with their identity and message. As below, we list the common luxury packaging solution for your reference. MOQ: 500pcs

Triangle Cardboard Box

Triangular Prism Boxes

This is a classic triangle box design with three sides forming a prism shape. It can have a top flap that opens to reveal the contents inside.

custom triangle boxes

Triangle Boxes With Lid

Lid and bottom triangle boxes could be designed as 2 pieces or 3 pieces structure. 3pcs structure have a shoulder inside as the aboved image.

Triangle Cardboard Box

Hinged Triangle Boxes

This structure have magnets inside the sider to close the box. And also could be added ribbion to close the box.

Slide-out Triangle Cardboard Box

This structure involves two triangular trays that slide out from each other. It’s a creative way to display products and offers a unique opening mechanism.

Foldable Triangle Gift Box

The foldable triangle gift box could be shipped or stocked in flat to save space and shipping cost, which also is easy to be carried. It is closed by magnets inside.

Endless Customization Of Triangle Packaging

We believe in transforming your vision into reality. With our Custom Triangle Box Packaging Solution, you have the creative freedom to choose from a wide range of materials, colors, finishes, and sizes. Our expert design team is ready to collaborate with you to ensure your packaging perfectly aligns with your brand’s identity. As below, there are some common finishing effect for your reference. And contact us for more suggestions via the form on bottom.

Common Finishing

Effect As Right

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The Material of Custom Triangle Boxes

Triangle cardboard boxes are typically made from sturdy and versatile cardboard or paperboard materials. These materials offer the necessary strength to hold the box’s shape while providing a surface for printing, branding, and customization.Normally the material of triangle cardboard box include corrugated cardboard, folding carton board, kraft paperboard, white paperboard, coated paperboard and specialty paperboard…etc.

Triangle Cardboard Box


The weight of
cardboard should be 1000gsm,1200gsm,

Triangle Cardboard Box

Surface paper

The surface paper could be printed paper and also the special material paper depends on your size and structure

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