Skincare Box Packaging

Skincare box packaging has become an essential part of our daily routine. More and more people are becoming conscious of the products they use on their skin, and as a result, the skincare industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. 

As a professional packaging boxes solution manufacturer, CBP BOX company provide a smooth solution. You just need show us the size of bottles inside and then our team will draw a draft graphic for your reference. View more as below.

M.O.Q is 500 pcs for each design to quote.

Skincare Box Packaging

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The primary purpose of skincare box packaging is to protect the products inside. Skincare products are often fragile and can be easily damaged during shipping and handling. A high-quality skincare box packaging can help protect the products from damage and keep them safe during transit. Meanwhile, we design the packaging box more luxury to attract eyes to improve the sales. As below, we list the common luxury packaging cosmetics packaging solution for your reference. MOQ: 500pcs

drawer packaging box

Drawer or called sliding boxes will be another solution to make the box more attractive.

Skincare Box Packaging 1

Design the boxes as magnetic closing way to close.

custom perfume boxes

Special shaped boxes as your imaged is accepted to build, such as round box..etc

The aboved boxes are rigid gift boxes, which is luxury and also expensive to produce. If you have no enough budget, we could help design it into cardboard packaging boxes, which have lower cost to solve. Also you could contact us via the form as below to provide more solutions.

Skincare Box Packaging 2

Package the skincare bottles into the rigid gift box as whole set in top and lid box.

Skincare Box Packaging 3

Print your design on it and die cut to carry one bottole.

Skincare Box Packaging 4

Use silver card to print and matte finishing on surface.

Custom Sample/Proof Services

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Details To Quote

  1. Materials : 2mm cardboard and printed paper
  2. Business type : wholesale
  3. MOQ : 500pcs at least
  4. Size : W20*D40*H15,or Customized
  5. Packaging : Standard carton packing
  6. More packaging box for cosmetics

Brand Your Skincare Packaging

Skincare box packaging is not only essential for protecting the product but also for enhancing your brand’s image and marketing your products. A well-designed skincare box packaging can help to increase brand recognition, create brand loyalty, and attract new customers.You can use your packaging as an opportunity to showcase your brand’s logo, tagline, or any other branding elements that can help to create a lasting impression on your customers.

Common Finishing

Effect As Right

paper tube packaging

Authorized By Big Brands

Power is shown by who’s our clients. And we will do our best to work more hard.

Skincare Box Packaging 5
Skincare Box Packaging 6


MOQ for rigid gift boxes is 500pcs at least to quote

For the style of rigid gift box is 500 pcs at least.

For style of card paper box is 2000 pcs

For style of corrugated box is 1000 pcs

We will provide a digital proof / sample and send to you for your confirmation. Please contact us to get more suggestion. Sample need 3-5 days and delivery time depends on your address.

Due to all custom services, there is no fixed prices list for your choice. Please share your requirements and size to our sales representatives via form as below to get your custom quotation.

There is no professional designer as a packaging box manufacturer.

Yes, we have our cooperation with many shipping companies. Our sales will quote you a shipping cost for your reference. And you could don't use our shipping services when you have your own forwarder to pick it up. And also could ask our sales representatives to help you sourcing more shipping options for your choice when you don't think the current shipping solution is perfect.

Please share your detailed adddress to get the shipping cost from our team via the form as below.

Yes, we are happy to help. Our team will help to draw a custom template for you when you have no idea about the structure and don't know how to build. Then our team or your designer could fill the design of your skincare packaging box.

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Contact us to quote