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Shoulder boxes are a symbol of luxury packaging across the globe. They exude class and are a statement in themselves. Shoulder boxes are also popular for their durability and versatility of use. They can be used to store different goods in a classy and fashionable manner befitting the product stored.Gift box with shoulder is one kind of lid and base boxes, and the difference is it have 3 parts, one shoulder, lid and bottom. 

shoulder boxes

The shoulder is working to stable the lid and also make it looks more nice. Normally, the shoulder is made by gold or silver paper without printing. And also you could custom the height of the shoulder, or expose part of shoulder outside to make it more attractive.

Materials : 2mm cardboard and printed paper
Business type : wholesale
MOQ : 500pcs at least
Size : W20*D40*H15,or Customized
Packaging : Standard carton packing
Feature : Recyclable,Eco-friendly

1, Structure and features of shoulder boxes

Shoulder boxes are also known as shoulder neck boxes because of how the lids are supported by a middle piece that is known as the shoulder. They are made of three parts – the lid, which is detachable; the ‘shoulder’ that is usually glued on or friction-locked onto the third part – the base tray of the box. This unique design makes shoulder boxes very easy to unbox, and a secure place for storing small but important items like jewellery, watches, USBs, gifts, mementos, perfume, candles, etc. They also make for a great display object as they command the attention of onlookers.

Shoulder Boxes Packaging 1

2, Custom shapes and designs

Shoulder boxes come in various designs and sizes and can be customized to your liking with colours of your choosing on the lid, base and shoulder; motifs and prints of your choosing on the box, etc. All you have to do is reach out to us for a quotation. We will provide you with a template of the design you desire, and then make a sample of the shoulder box you want. Once the sample box is approved, we move on to mass production of the boxes. A video will be sent to you for inspection after the mass production.

shoulder boxes

This kind of structure is not lid and base box. The box is flaped to open with a magnet box to close, and also you could move the magnet off. The lid is conneted with bottom by a sheet of glued paper. Meanwhile, a ribbion used to stable the lid when you open.

Shoulder Boxes Packaging 2

This kind of shoulder boxes have a little part of shoulder naked. Looking from the side, there are 3 parts. You could use different color or material of shoulder to decorate it.

2 Piece Gift Boxes

The shoulder as above is hidden when the box is closed. The reason is the height of shoulder less than the height of lid.

Please share the size of boxes you want and also how many copies would you like to quote via the right form. Our sales will back to you with quotation soon!

To Get Custom Quotation Of Shoulder Boxes

3, Surface finishing and printing

Shoulder boxes can be personalized with motifs/logos/designs printed onto them. We allow you to have the logo/design/motif of your choice highlighted in multiple ways. You can choose between gold foil, spot UV, silver foil, embossing, matte/glossy varnishing, embossing, hot stamp foil, etc. Of the above, the most popular choices are spot UV and hot stamp foil. If you are confused and do not know what choice to make, we have a solution for that as well. Our experts will listen to the vision you have and suggest options that work for the material you’ve chosen.


Different printing options

We provide many different ways to print your brand information on the box. Such as digital printing, offset printing, screen printing and laser printing.And also you could do hot foil stamped as the logo for all the words of your brand information. You know, this will cost more.

And our working room will provide professional suggestion depends on your material and requirements, which will also take your budget into consideration.

4, Material for shoulder (collar)

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons for the popularity of shoulder boxes is its rigidity. Cardboard of 2-3mm thickness is used to produce these boxes. The rigidity of these boxes makes them a perfect and safe storage space for items made of glass, ceramic, and other breakable materials. It also makes for a very safe and secure way to transport delicate items. With shoulder boxes you can store items close to your heart safely, in a box fit for royalty. The icing on the cake is that cardboard is recyclable, making our shoulder boxes eco-friendly, which is the need of the hour.

paper for boxes

There are thick cardboard inside the wall of box, which is enough thick to shape the box, and also will be soft when they be throw to the hard goods. The core will be hidden after folding the extra part of front paper.

calculate box size

Here you could check clearly about the shoulder box (also called collar boxes). The shoulder have 2 layers, one is core cardboard, another layer is the decorative paper to make it looks acttractive.

Decorative paper for shoulder (collar)

paper for boxes

To make the shoulder or collar looks more attractive, we could use speical paper commonly. And the most of paper stock is gold or silver card paper. Meanwhile, you could choose the printed paper, or other special paper to decorate it. Here we list some color speical paper as below for your reference. And there are thousands of special paper here. Contact my sales for more if you are interested in.

5, Quick turnaround and shipping

A shoulder box is only as good as the purpose it can serve customers. And a significant part of the purpose is that it’s time-sensitive. At CBP Box Company, we take pride in how quickly we have your orders ready for you. Once you reach out to us, we’ll have a quotation ready for you within two hours. Following this, we’ll manufacture the shoulder box of your liking in a short span of time and ship it to the address you provide. Good quality boxes that reach you on time is a motto we adhere to in our business with customers.

Common leading time

3 working days for sample

7 working days for hidden shoulder boxes in 1000pcs

7-9 working days for naked shoulder boxes in 1000pcs

10-15 working days for 1000-5000pcs

the leading time will be sured depends on the status of working when the copies is over 5000pcs, contact us for answers.


In order to make sure the shoulder boxes are safe during the shipping by sea or by air, we put the boxes into cartons which have 5 layers as below. Then place the cartons on the wooden pallets or plastic pallets. The size and material of pallets is depends on different requirements from each country.

shoulder boxes
packaging pallet

Contact us via the form as below to get a custom quotation. Don’t forget to share the address when you want a shipping cost!

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