Magnetic Box With Ribbon

Magnetic Box With Ribbon

Magnetic box with ribbon is a best choice if you want a decorative for the closure of box. Meanwhile, it also have magnetics to make it closure perfectly and looks more nice.

Free template will be provided after the best quotation. And small MOQ to do cutom as 300pcs.

Every gift is special but it becomes even more meaningful when it is beautifully presented in a high-quality magnetic box with an elegant ribbon for extra sophistication. For those looking for decorative boxes for special events or occasions, these products offer a generous amount of elegance and durability and will keep the contents absolutely safe. The addition of a magnetic closure keeps the box in perfect shape, making it look neat and presentable. Our team will be happy to provide you with a free template and a cost-effective quotation for your order.

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Magnetic Box With Ribbon 1

Magnetic gift box with ribbon

The box is closed by magnets with ribbon and have fixed size. It's looks like the normal magnetic gift boxes.

This is a more simplistic design with a fixed size. It is a traditional magnetic gift box which comes with a magnetic closure and a dainty ribbon attached to the opening lid. This product is sure to keep your gift secure and has a tidy and clean design.

Magnetic closure gift box with ribbon

Magnetic closure gift box with ribbon

This kind of box have 2 flaps, which protect the inner box inside and closed by magnets with ribbon.

Another popular choice is our magnetic boxes that come with double flaps to protect the inner box and its contents. Apart from a highly convenient magnetic closure, it also features a ribbon on each flap, giving it an upmarket and elegant feel. Known for its sturdiness, this design is also eye-catching and attractive.

Foldable Gift Box With Ribbon

Folding magnetic gift box with ribbon

To save much space for your delivery, the structure of box could be foldable with ribbon colsed, also it include 2 magnets to strong the closure.

Looking for a magnetic box that comes with the highest standard of durability? This product features two magnets to ensure complete safety for your products. Further, the foldable structure allows maximum utilization of space so you can fit a larger product or multiple products within the same space. It also comes with an elegant ribbon to give it that ultimate finishing touch.

Highlight Your Logo

Our customers can choose from a plethora of brilliant finishes to enhance the quality of the gift and showcase your logo. From glossy or matte lamination or varnishing to spot UV, embossing or debossing, you can truly match the personality of your event or brand, with the right finish. We also offer hot-stamping in silver, gold or any colour of your choosing for added effect. This will allow the logo to truly stand out when the gift is given to the receiver. Simply let us know what you desire and we will customize the finish accordingly.

Common Finishing

Effect As Right

paper tube packaging

Personalizing your box

Apart from presenting your logo in an eye-catching manner, we can also include a small message either inside or on the outside of the box. Go ahead and surprise your receiver with a special message that they will see when the box is opened. It’s a unique way to make a great first impression.