Magnetic Box With Ribbon

Magnetic Box With Ribbon

Magnetic box with ribbon is a best choice if you want a decorative for the closure of box. Meanwhile, it also have magnetics to make it closure perfectly and looks more nice.

Free template will be provided after the best quotation. And small MOQ to do cutom as 300pcs.

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Magnetic Box With Ribbon 1

Magnetic gift box with ribbon

The box is closed by magnets with ribbon and have fixed size. It's looks like the normal magnetic gift boxes.

Magnetic closure gift box with ribbon

Magnetic closure gift box with ribbon

This kind of box have 2 flaps, which protect the inner box inside and closed by magnets with ribbon.

Foldable Gift Box With Ribbon

Folding magnetic gift box with ribbon

To save much space for your delivery, the structure of box could be foldable with ribbon colsed, also it include 2 magnets to strong the closure.

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