Game Card Printing Services To Quote Guide

Game card printing from CBP company have many choice, and all products are customized. Normally one set of each set include cards, game instruction, play map. And mostly is paper material for cards, also you could design it into PVC cards.

game card printing
game card printing

Choose a professional custom game card printing from China

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Game Card Printing 1
Game Card Printing 2

Choose the custom made playing cards as you favorite

The most common cards is paper cards. The truth that there are several more material cards excep paper, such as PVC cards, plastic cards, thick cardboard cards, which is choosed depend on the function you need. For example, most PVC cards is used in KTV and other popular places. Here we list videos for 3 most used cards for your choice.

Common printed paper cards

These cards are typically made of cardstock, a thick and durable paper material, and can be printed using a variety of printing methods such as digital or offset printing. 

The printing process allows for the customization of the cards with vibrant colors, intricate designs, and high-quality images to create a visually appealing and engaging product.

Printed PVC card game printing

PVC printed playing cards are a type of playing card that is made of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic and has been custom printed with designs, images, or text. PVC is a highly durable and waterproof material to match many environmental factors.

The printing process used to create PVC printed playing cards typically involves a specialized printing method that can produce high-quality, full-color graphics and images that are highly resistant to fading or scratching.

Paper mounted thick card game printing

It is a type of card that consists of a printed paper sheet that is mounted onto a thicker backing material. The backing material can be made of various materials such as cardboard, chipboard, or foam board, and is used to provide additional thickness and stiffness to the card.

The printing process typically involves printing the desired graphics, text, or images onto a thin paper stock, which is then mounted onto the backing material using an adhesive. This creates a card that is both sturdy and visually appealing, with a high-quality printed finish.

Choose your favorite custom card game printing boxes

Everyone can’t adjust the cards game by content, but they could make a big impression by it’s decorative packaging box. The luxury box is rigid box style, which is expensive than tuck boxes. As below, we have the videos of them for your checking. 

The lid and base box for cards game is the most popular packaging box, and there is a finger holder on the lid. It provide a versatile, durable, and visually appealing packaging solution that can help to protect and promote decks of playing cards in a professional and attractive manner.

The magnetic close box have its advantage that the inside of flap could be printed. These boxes feature a hinged lid that is secured shut with magnets, providing a secure and durable packaging solution that is easy to open and close.

Sliding boxes can be customized to fit specific dimensions and designs, making them ideal for packaging and protecting printed cards of various sizes and shapes. Additionally, due to size of cards game box is not too big, it have to use a small tail to draw it out.

Tuck boxes are typically made of paper or cardstock and feature a folding top flap that tucks into the bottom of the box to keep the custom playing cards deck secure. Tuck boxes are popular for cards game, and it’s also the cheapest packaging boxes than rigid boxes. It is made by thick card printed paper.

How much will my game card printing cost?

All the card game is customized services, it need your details to quote precisely. In order to make sure it’s clearly, we list the most important details as below to get a quote.

1, Size of cards,  2, Number of cards  3,  Style of box  4, booklet….etc

Please share it via the form as below and then we quote you during 2 working hours.

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