Magnetic closure gift box with ribbon

Foldable Drawer Boxes

This is the best solution when you would like a drawer gift boxes but the shipping cost is too much due to the big volume. CBP BOX company have rich experience to help you build from China.

Free template will be provided after the best quotation. And small MOQ to do cutom as 300pcs.

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Triangle Cardboard Box

Triangle Rigid Gift Boxes

The triangle rigid boxes could be open from the long side and also could be added the ribbion to close.

Triangle Cardboard Box

Lid And Base Triangle Boxes

Lid and bottom triangle boxes could be designed as 2 pieces or 3 pieces structure. 3pcs structure have a shoulder inside.

Triangle Cardboard Box

Magnetic Triangle Boxes

This structure have magnets inside the sider to close the box. And also could be added ribbion to close the box.

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Effect As Right

paper tube packaging

Setup Box

cream packaging box

This structure of paper box is made by thick card paper. The top and bottom part could be opened. Also, it could be folded when shipping boxes on the way.

PVC Window Box

Foldable Drawer Boxes 1

In order to show the products inside in shop, we design a window by transparent PVC. This box is same easy folded to ship from China.

Rigid Gift Box

Foldable Drawer Boxes 2

Another way to make the box looks more luxury is that change the material to rigid cardboard. Rigid gift box have more power to attract eyes of customers.