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Double Door Box 1

Double door gift box refers to a type of packaging or storage container that features two doors on one side, allowing convenient access to the contents inside. These doors are typically hinged and can be opened simultaneously or independently. The purpose of having double doors is to provide enhanced accessibility, ease of loading and unloading, and efficient organization of items within the box. Double door open boxes are commonly made of sturdy materials such as cardboard or corrugated material, ensuring durability and protection for the enclosed items. They are widely used in various industries for shipping, moving, storage, or any application where frequent access to the contents is required.

Top flat open double door box

A double flip top box is a type of packaging solution characterized by a magnetic closure mechanism and a hinged top flap. This innovative design provides a secure and convenient way to open and close the box without the need for additional adhesives or fasteners. The closing solution could be a magnetic closing or ribbon with magnet. Please check the pictures below to go.

Double Door Box 2
Double Door Box 3
Double Door Box 4
Double Door Box 5

Double door box with cornered flap

This kind of double door box have the different flap with above, there are decorative corners on the flap. And these corners could be designed to triangle or trapezoid shape as below. Due to limited space here, please contact us via below form to get more suggestions or imagines.

Double Door Box 6
Double Door Box 7

Double door box with inner flap

In order to hide and protect the products inside, also more the double flip top box more luxury, it could be added a flap for inner box, then it’s hiden when the box is closed.

Double Door Box 8
Double Door Box 9

Foldable double door open boxes with ribbion or magnets

In order to save the space and shipping cost on the way, we could help to design the middle open gift box to be foldable. It’s flat on the shipping way or in stock, and to be shaped into a rigid double doors open boxes when you use it.

Double Door Box 10

Magnetic closing with cycled using

More luxury solution for foldable double doors open boxes is recycled folding. It could be shaped into the rigid boxes, and then could be folded again after using. Then it help the clients save the space after opening the products inside. And also these solution is more luxury and expensive than the folded double doors open boxes aboved.

Double Door Box 11
Double Door Box 12
double door box
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Different structure and size will be suit to different surface finishing. For example, the silver/gold foil can’t be done when the size of box is too big. Because machine of foil can’t hold the size over 1000mm. Contact us to get more information via the form on the footer of this page.

Double Door Box 13

CBP BOX company provide many styles of double box for your choice and the size is customized by you. Also the printing and surface finishing is free to do custom. Menwhile, we will accept your new design of structure. Contact our representives via the form as below to get more suggestions and solutions.

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