Custom Wig Boxes

Custom wig boxes purchased separately from the wig itself could help you save much taxes. And also it leave you more space to make it more attractive and also more solutions to save the cost. CBP company provide custom wig packaging solutions for your reference and also help to design when you have no idea for your new brands.

custom wig boxes
custom wig boxes

We Are The Custom Wig Boxes Supplier From China

Custom wig company

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Custom Wig Boxes 1
Custom Wig Boxes 2

2. What kind of custom wig boxes we could produce

2.1 Card paper wig packaging boxes

The card paper material wig packaging boxes have its advantage that have cheap cost and fast producing time. Normally, it’s made by 300-350gsm C1S printed paper. Meanwhile, we could die cut a window and paste a PVC on it, to show the wig inside. The shape of window could be shaped as you want. 

custom wig boxes
custom wig boxes

2.2 Corrugated wig packaging boxes

Corrugated wig packaging boxes is mailer box, which is strong to protect the wigs inside and could be shipped no other packaging outside. There are 3 layers of this material, outer layer is printed paper with lamination, middle layer is corrugated material, and the inside is a brown paper or printed paper. Normally, the corrugated mail packaging boxes of wig is not suit to small size, due to shaped strongly.

Custom Wig Boxes 3
Custom Wig Boxes 4
Custom Wig Boxes 5
Custom Wig Boxes 6

2.3 Rigid wig packaging gift boxes

Rigid gift packaging boxes for wig is a best and luxury solution. During the different packaging solution, decorative rigid gift boxes could attract more eyes than others. Due to thick cardboard inside, it have beautiful shape and luxury looks. Meanwhile, it is expensive than other structure. As below, you could see that we list the common structure of rigid boxes, such as magnetic wig boxes, drawer wig boxes..etc for your reference. Contact our sale representatives to share you more.

Custom Wig Boxes 7
Custom Wig Boxes 8
Custom Wig Boxes 9
Custom Wig Boxes 10

2.4 Special shaped wig packaging boxes

Luxury gift packaging boxes could help atrract more eyes. And the special shaped boxes could attract more and more. The boxes have irregular edge, such as the S shaped edge as below, or other special structure as you want. If your products don’t be sold a good price, we don’t suggest this solution, due to more expensive than rigid packaging boxes.

Custom Wig Boxes 11
custom wig boxes

3. What's the MOQ and prices for custom wig boxes

Due to different material and structure, each style have it’s different MOQ. We list the common MOQ for each style as below:

1, For card paper wig boxes, MOQ is 2000 copies

2, For corrugated mailer wig boxes, MOQ is 1000 copies

3, For rigid gift wig boxes is 500 copies

4, For special shaped boxes is 500 copies

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custom hair extension box
custom hair boxes

4. What's the shipping cost from China to us

“All the boxes will be packaged into cartons and then put on a pallet to be shipped. Due to the large volume of rigid boxes, we don’t suggest delivery by air. However, we provide different delivery solutions for your choice.

For Europe, we offer shipping by sea, train, air to airport, as well as express delivery.

For Australia and New Zealand, we recommend shipping by sea first, followed by air or express.

For America, we recommend shipping by sea to the unloading port, and then an express delivery service such as UPS, DHL, or FedEx will pick it up and send it to you.”

cosmetic packaging
cosmetic packaging

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