Custom Shoe Box Manufacturer

Enhance your brand’s packaging with customized shoe boxes to elevate the unboxing experience. These sustainable and affordable options not only protect and showcase your products but offers immense versatility as storage boxes. With different styles, finishes and custom features, our shoe boxes will add an artistic and creative touch to your packaging. All you have to do is close the box with customized packeting tape, add branded stickers, enclose it in a mailer bag and ship it out.

Creative customizations of custom shoe box

Here are different ways to customize your shoe boxes and make it truly a reflection of your brand.


Dimensions – It is important that the shoe box is designed to fit the product to ensure an aesthetic look and also for added protection. Identify the correct dimensions required to get the right fit. Normally, the sizes range in (L x W x D) is as follows:

  • Women’s: 13″ x 7.5″x 4″
  • Men’s: 13.25″ x 10″ x 5″
  • Children’s: 8.5″x 6″x 3″

The height and width of the box will vary depending on whether it is for men’s shoes or women’s shoes, however, the length will remain between 13″ and 14″. Shoes for very small children will usually have dimensions of 7” x 5” x 2”.

Material– Our custom shoe boxes are made from high quality and durable corrugated cardboard to ensure that the products are protected from damage during transit. This material is well-suited for even heavier products such as basketball shoes. You can pick between premium white, standard white or even those that come with a glossy ink. The choice of material entirely depends on the product and the final look that you want to achieve.

custom shoe box

Design– The key element in design is brand consistency. Your customers should be designed to showcase your brand. Therefore, all the design elements from graphics and artwork to the colour palette should present your shoes in the best way possible.

Printing– There are various options that you can explore with regard to printing. You can choose to add printing only on the outside, on both the outside and the inside of the box, or simply add a small promo code or message on the inside. You can enhance branding opportunities with creative design and printing approach to truly bring your products to life.

Custom shoe box styles and designs

Every product deserves to be seen and appreciated to its maximum potential. Our custom shoe boxes will perfectly match your brand’s style and personality, enhancing the total value of the final product. Here are some options

  • Collapsible or foldable shoe boxes for maximum versatility
  • Telescope-shaped personalised shoe boxes with a separate lid
  • Magnetic closure boxes which can be easily stacked for excellent organization

Get the appealing shaped custom shoe packaging boxes at CBPBOX. If you are conscious about your shoes, you can avail custom rigid shoe boxes which will protect your shoes from any damage.

Custom Shoe Boxes

Box types:

 Artpaper box,Coaed box,Kraft paper box,Cardboard box,etc.

E-liquid box,Paper tube,Pillow box,Toy box,clothes box,Gift box,Soap box, Cosmetic box,Wine box,Display box


 glossy artpaper, kraft paper, fancy paper, etc.

 Glossy white art card, paperboard, woodfree paper, etc.


 L×W×H (cm) — According to Customers’ Specific Requirements


 Magnet, ribbon, bowknot, EVA, plastic tray, sponge, flowers, PVC/PET/PP window, etc.


 Normally 1000pcs, trial order with 500pcs is also warmly welcomed!

On-time shipping of custom shoe box

We welcome orders of any quantity and have the capacity to deliver on-time, every time! Whether it’s a hundred boxes or more, or a first-time sample order, we will ensure that it reaches you in 10 to 15 business days. If it’s a rush order, then we can deliver in 6 to 8 business days, based on the requirement. Simply add the box specifications and design and customization features to get started.

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