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Custom shoe boxes are needed to do when you try to build the brand of shoes. Made it and to be shipped separated with  shoes are very important to help you save importing tax. From CBP BOX, there is no custom shoe boxes from stock. Our working room will produce 100% as per your requirements and promise don’t show the design to any one without your authorization, which is protected by law.

Custom Shoe Box
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    1,Structures and material of custom shoe box

    To start a design of custom shoe boxes,we have to confirm which structure of shoes box to go on. And also the material to match. For the rigid shoe boxes, it’s matched by thick cardboard to shape and strong the boxes. For corrugated shoe boxes, it is cheaper and more common on the market. As below, we show you different structures  for your reference, please read more via below.

    1.1 Rigid box structure

    Structure – It is important that the shoe box is designed to fit the product to ensure an aesthetic look and also for added protection. Identify the correct dimensions required to get the right fit. The luxury looking structure is rigid shoe boxes, which are strong and best feeling. The most common is 3 structures as below, lid and bottom boxes for shoes, sliding shoe boxes, and two pieces boxes with shoulder.

    1.1.1 Lid and base shoe boxes

    custom shoe box

    1.1.2 Sliding shoe boxes

    Custom Shoe Boxes

    Material– Our custom shoe boxes are made from high quality and durable corrugated cardboard to ensure that the products are protected from damage during transit. This material is well-suited for even heavier products such as basketball shoes. You can pick between premium white, standard white or even those that come with a glossy ink. The choice of material entirely depends on the product and the final look that you want to achieve.

    The rigid cardboard is made by paper pulp, which is dry and then pressed to such thick. The standard of cardboard is 1.5mm, 2mm,2.5mm, and 3mm. It match different sizes of shoes boxes.

    The outer of custom shoe box is a layer of decorative paper, which is glued on cardboard to make it looks more beautiful. And also you could use leather material to make it more luxury. Contact us to get custom quotation. 

    1.2 Corrugated box structure

    Structure– There are various options of custom shoe boxes with corrugated material. The most useful structure is lid and bottom and 1 pcs structure. The 1 pcs structure shoe boxe is similar as mailer boxes, which strong enough and have a best cost performance. Please view them as below:

    Custom Shoe Box 2
    custom shoe boxes

    Material– The corrugated material used for most shoe boxes are 5 layers, and then glue a printed paper on it to make it looks more nice and brandful. Also the corrugated material could be brown color, white color and black color to match the color of outside. As below, the left one is outside printed paper, and the right one is brown corrugated core inside.

    Custom Shoe Box 3
    Custom Shoe Box 4

    2,Printing and surface finishing of custom shoe box

    Almost every clients will take a view on looking of packaging boxes, we have to do our best to make a heavy impression about printing and surface finishing. Here we show you the mostly used printing and finishing you could do.

    2.1 Printing options of shoe boxes

    There are various options that you can explore with regard to printing. You can choose to add printing only on the outside, on both the outside and the inside of the box, or simply add a small promo code or message on the inside. You can enhance branding opportunities with creative design and printing approach to truly bring your products to life.

    cardboard box printing

    Screen Printing

    Screen printing is used on some areas and materials, which is printed by perforation of screen. It have to be handled by hand, and to be finished one by one.

    Digital Printing

    cardboard box printing

    Offset Printing

    cardboard box printing

    2.2 Common surface finsihing to brand

    The printing of box is not enough to highlight your brand or sloagan, then you need additional surface finishing to heavy it. As below, we list the offen used surface finishing, and also take photoes of finishing we made for your reference.

    • Gold foil stamped
    • Silver foil stamped
    • Screen printing
    • Deboss / Emboss
    • Spot UV
    • Metal Character
    Custom Shoe Box 5

    3,Common size of custom shoe box

    Common sizes and shapes: Clients may be looking for shoe boxes in unique sizes and shapes to accommodate their specific footwear products. The common sizes of shoe boxes in Europe and the United States can vary depending on the specific type of shoe and the manufacturer. However, here are some common sizes for adult shoe boxes

    3.1 In Europe

    • 35-38 (small): 33 x 19 x 11 cm (12.99 x 7.48 x 4.33 inches)
    • 39-42 (medium): 35 x 21 x 12 cm (13.78 x 8.27 x 4.72 inches)
    • 43-46 (large): 37 x 23 x 13 cm (14.57 x 9.06 x 5.12 inches)

    3.2 In United States

    • Women’s shoe box: 33 x 19 x 11 cm (12.99 x 7.48 x 4.33 inches)
    • Men’s shoe box: 34 x 20 x 13 cm (13.39 x 7.87 x 5.12 inches)
    Custom Shoe Box 6

    4,Pains of custom shoe boxes from China and solution

    Pain Point– The size of custom shoe boxes is not too small, so the big volume of shoe box is not avoided. The shipping cost is charged by volume. So the shipping cost is too much when you delivery more than 1000pcs shoe boxes from China to you.

    Custom Shoe Box 7
    packaging pallet

    Best Solution–Our company will help you design the box as foldable boxes. As you know, the rigid box is the most luxury structure during foldable boxes, such as magnetic folding box, corrugated shoe boxes…etc. Our company could help you design the collapsible rigid boxes into different options.

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    5,Custom Shoe Box Manufacturer In China

    Magnetic Box Manufacturer

    CBP BOX Company

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    The printing service is strictly made as per ISO9001, FSC, CE, Great Wall standard. And we can provide the certificate based on your own products.We have QC team to check every process in order to …

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    More about us >>

    Custom Shoe Box 8
    Custom Shoe Box 9

    6,What's the prices of custom shoe box

    The shoes boxes from CBP BOX Company are all customized services, which means there is no shoes boxes is from stock. All boxes could be designed as per your requirements.

    Please share the size of shoes boxes and the styles via the form as below to quote. We will reply you with quotation during 2 working hours.

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