Custom Perfume Boxes Services From China

Custom perfume boxes are typically made from high-quality materials such as cardboard, paperboard, or rigid materials like wood or metal. The boxes are often customized to reflect the brand’s identity and the characteristics of the perfume itself. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, allowing brands to showcase their creativity and unique style.

Custom perfume boxes
custom perfume boxes

Custom Perfume Box Manufacturer From China

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CBP company is a box printing factory found in 2002, located in Shenzhen China, near by Hongkong. Which provide the best and reliable printing services for all over the world. We are a leading …


The printing service is strictly made as per ISO9001, FSC, CE, Great Wall standard. And we can provide the certificate based on your own products.We have QC team to check every process in order to …

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Custom Perfume Boxes 1

Cardboard Perfume Bottle Boxes

Cardboard perfume packaging boxes can be defined as specially designed containers made from sturdy and versatile cardboard material, used to package and present perfume products. Cardboard, a durable and lightweight material derived from paper pulp, is commonly used in the manufacturing of perfume packaging boxes due to its excellent structural integrity and cost-effectiveness.

Custom Perfume Boxes 2
custom perfume boxes

Rigid perfume gift boxes

Custom perfume boxes are often designed with practical features such as magnetic closures, inserts, lid and base box, and custom sliding boxes or partitions to secure and organize multiple perfume products within a single box. These features contribute to the overall convenience and usability of the packaging.

Rigid shoulder perfume packaging boxes

Custom Perfume Boxes 3

Lid and base perfume packaging boxes

Custom Perfume Boxes 4

Declining side perfume packaging boxes

Custom Perfume Boxes 5

Shaped inside perfume packaging boxes

custom perfume boxes

Round perfume boxes

Round perfume packaging boxes can be defined as specially designed containers or boxes with a circular shape, specifically created to package and present perfume products. These boxes are specifically crafted to provide a unique and visually appealing packaging solution for round or cylindrical perfume bottles.

custom perfume boxes

The card paper inserts to hold the small perfume bottle and decorate it to attract more eyes.

Custom Perfume Boxes 6

The EVA inserts to hold the perfume bottle inside is a perfume solution to protec the bottle. 

Special shape perfume boxes

Special shape perfume boxes can be defined as uniquely designed containers or boxes that deviate from the standard rectangular or square shapes commonly used in packaging. These boxes are specifically created to package and showcase perfume products with non-traditional or custom shapes. Also the inserts of perfume boxes could be designed the shape as you want to hold the perfume bottle inside to make sure it’s safe.

Custom Perfume Boxes 7
custom perfume boxes

What's the cost of custom perfume boxes

The specification of custom perfume boxes are customized by different comsmetic companies. So there is no fixed prices for it. Please share your size, the style of boxes and other requiments to us via the form below to get a professional quotation during 24/7

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