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Custom Board Game Manufacturer

Custom board game is popular in Europe, America, Australia nd New Zealand..etc, and it have it’s complex condition, which need many parts / components to be assembled to build. So it need many different suppliers to work together. From CBP company, we provide one-step solution for all. We produce all the main parts ourself, such as packaging boxes, playing board, cards….etc, and purchase the small components from the market for you such as timer, dices, wooden number…etc. The services need many steps to go, so we need discuss with you about all details. Check the more information as below and contact us via the form as above or bottom of this page.

We Are The Custom Boardgame Supplier From China

Boardgame Manufacturer

CBP BOX Company

CBP company is a box and games printing factory found in 2002, located in Shenzhen China, near by Hongkong. Which provide the best and reliable printing services for all over the world. We are a leading …


The printing service is strictly made as per ISO9001, FSC, CE, Great Wall standard. And we can provide the certificate based on your own products.We have QC team to check every process in order to …

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Components Of Custom Board Game

Here we list the most common components in the custom board game box for your reference. And also you could open your imagine to create more as you want, then contact our team to check if it could be come true. Also got the more professional suggestion when you contact via the form on header or bottom.

Custom game boxes

Decorative packaging box for a board game is a specially designed and aesthetically appealing box used to present and protect the board game. It often feature unique and eye-catching designs, captivating artwork, and premium materials. These boxes are typically customized to match the theme and style of the board game they contain, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for players. 

Game board printing

Board game playing board is the physical game board on which the gameplay takes place in a board game. It serves as the central component of the game, providing a structured playing area where players can move game pieces, track progress, and interact with various elements of the game. And it could be made to thick or thin cardboard depends on your budget.

card board game

The playing cards of a board game are a set of specialized cards used to introduce elements of chance, strategy, or specific actions into the gameplay. These cards are an essential component of many board games, and they add an element of randomness and decision-making that can make each playthrough unique and exciting.

Rule booklet

The rule booklet of a board game is a comprehensive document that contains all the necessary instructions, guidelines, and explanations of how to play the game. It serves as the primary reference for players to understand the game’s mechanics, objectives, setup, gameplay flow, and any special rules or exceptions that may apply during the course of play.


The timer in a board game is a device or mechanism used to track and limit the amount of time that players have to complete their turns, rounds, or the entire game. Timers are commonly used in various board games to add an element of urgency and excitement to the gameplay, encouraging players to make quick decisions and keep the game moving at a steady pace.

Playing components

There are lots of playing components in the boardgame, which could be designed as what you want to match the boardgame. As above, it is the wooden numbers used in one kind of boardgame of our client. Open your mind of the game and share us your idea to come true it.

What's The Prices Of Custom Board Game

The average cost is from 3.2USD to 99USD. The unit price is different as the specification changed, such as size, details of components, and quantity…etc. So there is no fixed prices list for your choice. Please share your requirements to our representatives via the form on header or bottom and then we will provide the custom quotation as soon as quickly. Or contact us to get more professional suggestion to build your custom board game when you have no idea.

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Custom Sample Services Before Order

In order to make sure it’s safe that the final physical products is same as what you want, we provide the custom board game sample for your checking. The sample will be printed in digital printing and could be done the surface finishing on it. The sample cost will be depended on components of board game.  And the sample from our stock is free, meanwhile, the courier cost depends on where the sample to be shipped.

custom board game
Custom Board Game

How to ship the custom board game to us?

Most board games will be suggested to be shipped by sea or train, due to cheap shipping cost. And delivery samples by air in order to save time for confirming. Also we could provide the services that delivery one product to your clients when you got funding on kickstarter. More details or requirements, please contact us via the below form.

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