Paper Box Inlay

Paper Box Inlay 1

Paper Inlay

The inlay could be made of C1S card paper, corrugated paper, thick paper with two pieces mounted together. We could give you best suggestion based on the size of box and the goods to carry. Please don’t hesitate to contact

PVC Inlay

We could use different thickness of PVC for your boxes depends on your boxes and goods inside. And the M.O.Q of PVC inlay is 2000pcs. Please contact our sales team to know more.dapibus leo.

Paper Box Inlay 2
Paper Box Inlay 3

Pearl Wool Inlay / EVA Inlay

All shapes on the inlay need to match the goods to carry. So we need your goods or precise size to make perfect EVA inlay. EVA inlay could protect the goods inside more than PVC & paper inlay. Please contact us for more

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