4 Best Kinds Of Frequently Used Paper Box Inlay

Paper box inlay / insert is the shaped insert to hold the product stablely inside the paper box (include rigid gift box, printed paper box,paper tube and flower boxes ). Also it is decorative to make the products looks more luxury. And paper box inlay covers a range of techniques in sculpture and the decorative arts for inserting pieces of contrasting, often different box materials into depressions in a base object to form ornament or pictures that normally are flush with the matrix.

1, Paper Box Inlay: Paper Inlay / Paper Insert

Card Paper Inlay

cosmetic packaging

The inlay is made by a whole sheet of thick card paper. It’s folded after die cut into customized shape. And you could do custom printing on it with your brand or other company information.

Advantage: cheap cost than eva and could be printed

Disadvantage: not strong enough as other material.

MOQ: 500pcs

Kraft Paper Inlay

paper box inlay

Kraft paper inlay is a economic way to make the inlay for box, due to raw kraft paper is not added cost to be a inlay. Mostly, it don’t need printing and other surface finishing to work. As above, this inlay only have simply die cut and folding.

Advantage: almost cheapest choice for paper box inlay

Disadvantage: not suit to full color printing

MOQ: 300pcs

Corrugated Paper Inlay

paper box inlay

Corrugated paper inlay is made by blank or printed card paper glued on corrugated paper, to strong the inlay by thick corrugated paper and hold the goods stabely inside the box.

Advantage: printing is available and it’s much strong enough than thin paper stock.

Disadvantage: thickness is too much, which is not suit to small size and complex shape.

MOQ: 500pcs

Thermoformed Fiber Pulp

thermoformed fiber pulp

Thermoformed Fiber Pulp is a new eco-friendly inlay produced as all the countries are working for reducing polution. It is made by paper pulp, which is melt from raw paper. Then casting it into model to get a shaped inlay. From above picture, you could see, it have different functioned area with different shape to hold the products inside the box stably.

Advantage: the inlay looks more nice and luxury than others

Disadvantage: the die cut model is very expensive.

MOQ: 5000pcs

2, Paper Box Inlay: EVA Inlay / Insert

EVA is material with short calling of “Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer”. EVA inlay is the EVA die cut into shape to fit the goods inside, then glue the EVA inlay on the bottom. Due to EVA feel soft to reduce the shake on the delivery, the goods is protected inside the gift box.

All shapes on the inlay need to match the goods to carry. So we need your goods or precise size to make perfect EVA inlay. EVA inlay could protect the goods inside more than PVC & paper inlay. Please contact us for more suggestion info@cbpbox.com

EVA Inlay

paper box inlay

Deepth of EVA inlay is free to custom, due to the thickness could be added one by one.  And we could use different thickness of EVA to match your requirements for deepth. For example, you need 15mm thickness, we could use 10mm+5mm to be glued together, also 3mm+12mm is ok. In order to match the deepth of the shaped area, we use different group of different thickness.

Advantage: make the inlay looks more luxury and safe for goods inside.

Disadvantage: it’s expensive to do, expecially when you need very thick inlay.

MOQ: 200pcs

Flocked EVA Inlay

paper box inlay

Flocked EVA inlay is adding a flocked cloth on surface of EVA inlay and then die cut into shape to match the goods inside box. Meanwhile you could make custom color for the flocked cloth.

Advantage: make the inlay touched more feeling and could be customized color.

Disadvantage: it need more complex process and material to do, so the cost of inlay is higher than the one without flocking.

MOQ: 300pcs

3, Paper Box Inlay: Plastic Inlay / Insert

Plastic inlay is the shaped inlay made by PET or PVC material, which could be melt into any shape and best to suit to your goods inside the box. It is most to be used all over the world due to nice looking and economic cost. And it’s limited to use these days as the policy of environment is launched more and more.

We could use different thickness of PVC / PET material for your boxes depends on your boxes and goods inside. And the M.O.Q of PVC inlay is 2000pcs. Please contact our sales team to know more.dapibus leo.

Advantage: more better to be suit to the shape of goods inside the box and it’s cheap when the quantity is too many.

Disadvantage: it’s not friendly to environment and will be banned by governments all over the world.

Transparent PVC Inlay

cosmetic packaging

Transparent PVC inlay is made by transparent PVC to show all the goods inside fully. And it have the cheapest cost between different plastic inlays.

Color Plastic Inlay

cosmetic packaging

The material of PET or PVC could be custom colored. Mostly to be used color is yellow, black, white, red. If you need other colors, it need more copies of inlay to produce.

Flocking Plastic Inlay

cosmetic packaging

Putting flocking on surface of plastic inlay will make the inlay looks more luxury. And it could avoid the plastic paper box inaly too smooth to hold. Also, it is a little expensive than color inlay, so it’s a nice choice when your products is high valued.

4, Paper Box Inlay: Foam Inlay / Insert

Packaging foam also could be die cut as a paper box inlay / insert for box. It have different materials with its own own specific properties. Soft touch feeling protect the products inside more safely.

Advantage: reliable cost with soft touch feeling to make it is used frequency for inaly / insert.

Disadvantage: too soft to die cut small size shape for small products. And it’s not strong enough.

MOQ: 200pcs

Charcoal Foam Inlay

paper box inlay

Charcoal Foam is used primarily in cases, also the charcoal foam is best to be made as inlay. Easy process means the cost of charcoal foam is not expensive. And it’s more soft than rigid material to protect the products inside.

Pearl Foam Inlay

During the foaming process, gel is injected into the foam by means of tiny pearls. This change the looking of charcoal foam and also the touch feeling. So peral foam inlay have more better feeling and a little expensive than charcoal foam inlay.

cosmetic packaging

Rough White Foam Inlay

cosmetic packaging

More complex process of foam leads to high cost. In opposite, the rough white foam inlay have this feature. It is a nice choice when you don’t have high requirements for inlay, and also need a soft material for inaly of paper box.

And there is not limited during these options.No best inaly here, only have better solution. We could open our mind to creat mixed association to make your box more luxury.For example, use printed paper cover pasted on EVA or place flocking on EVA…etc. Contact us via form as below to get more suggestions!

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