Skincare Box Packaging

We could help design the packaging box as die cut paper box, rigid gift box, and into different structure.


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Check skincare box packaging we produce

Skincare Box Packaging 1

Print your design on it and die cut to carry one bottole.​

Skincare Box Packaging 2

Use silver card to print and matte finishing on surface.​

Skincare Box Packaging 3

Package the skincare bottles into the rigid gift box as whole set.​

Sample Project To Quote

skincare box packaging

Details To Quote

  1. Materials : 2mm cardboard and printed paper
  2. Business type : wholesale
  3. MOQ : 500pcs at least
  4. Size : W20*D40*H15,or Customized
  5. Packaging : Standard carton packing
  6. More packaging box for cosmetics


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