Custom rigid box also known as set up boxes are made using creative papers and strong pressed sheets. When it comes to choosing custom rigid box for gifting, magnetic gift box is a popular choice for its varied benefits and features.

  • They are made using durable greybeard material and are closed with a hinged lid that makes it easy to open. Their conveniences make them a great choice for the most kinds of products in the market.
  • You can also get the magnet inserted and hidden in the wall of the chipboard using a magnet inserting machine, so it is not visible in the final product.
  • A magnetic gift box is a great choice when you are looking forunique custom rigid box to create an impact upon the customers. Their appearance can be enhanced with a colored print, stamped or embossed lettering, or with a logo. These sleek and elegantly designed magnetic gift box is an ideal for corporate gift packing, festive gift packing or wedding gifts packing and so on.
  • Rigid boxes are four times thicker when compared to folding. Magnet closures keep the content intact inside the box. If you move your box around a lot, magnetic boxes are a great choice.
  • These boxes are available in a wide variety of styles, so you don’t need to settle for plain traditional box and you can definitely add your brand personality to it.

It is important to look for leading manufacturers specialising in making quality magnetic gift box for diversified industries.

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