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Save on Shipping Costs for Boxes – Get Foldable Magnetic Boxes


Magnetic foldable boxes are more than your ordinary boxes. It functions just the same as that of a regular box. The only difference is it’s better in more ways than one. These boxes can usually be seen in flower box packaging and other luxurious goods. Since these boxes are more attractive-looking compared to other boxes, their cost is also significantly higher. These gift boxes are more expensive to order from Europe and North America.


The solution for this is to get these magnetic foldable boxes in China.  The costs here are way lower. Boxes take up space in freight, transportation, and storage, leaving you to spend more. Almost 90% of boxes are shipped by sea as this costs lower than shipping by air. In China, we have developed and perfected foldable gift boxes. This was made possible with the advancement of computer graphics.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Foldable Magnetic Boxes


Now, you might be thinking: why should I get a magnetic foldable box? Before purchasing these boxes, you need to understand what you’re going to get from them. These are its advantages and disadvantages:



  • Reduced transportation costs


Magnetic foldable boxes take up a smaller space since you have the option to set them up yourselves. A smaller space would mean reduced transportation and storage costs. We can fit in as much as we can to the containers in one shipping. 


  • Better appearance


One of the main advantages of magnetic foldable boxes is their appearance. When you compare this to other foldable boxes available in the market, you can immediately see how luxurious it feels. You can definitely elevate it with a magnetic foldable box. It will significantly bring a huge impact on how you present your products.



  • Takes some time to assemble


While magnetic foldable boxes are easier to clasp.  But if it’s your first time assembling one, you may have a hard time with it. it will take you quite some time to learn how to assemble them. It will be a lot easier and faster for you to assemble overtime.


  • Higher unit price per box


Magnetic boxes cost more than paperones. But you can consider this as an investment. You’re still going to save money due to its reduced shipping and storage costs. Magnetic foldable boxes are more luxurious-looking, so you can charge them a higher price for it.


The Different Types of Magnetic Foldable Boxes


  • 5 pcs structure – this magnetic foldable box has 5 corners into it. It can also be laid flat and can be used for smaller items.
  • 7 pcs structure – Its size is bigger than that of the 5-piece structure and can hold larger items.
  • Magnetic side folded structure – The lid is attached to the body of the box. It will look like a square box which is perfect for rounded or square items such as perfumes.
  • Ribbon closing structure – It keeps the items packed inside more secure. it also adds to the overall aesthetic and presentation of the box.
  • Super size structure – These are for larger products. It also comes with a sturdy handle so you can carry the box conveniently without it breaking.

The Cost of Magnetic Foldable Boxes

Now that you know what magnetic foldable boxes are, their advantages and disadvantages, the next thing you’d ask about would be their price. There’s no specific price point for any of these magnetic foldable boxes. The price will depend on the dimensions and number of boxes. 

Custom services


For orders more than 300 boxes, we recommend getting a customized box. Customizing boxes with your logo, brand name, and brand color can significantly amplify your brand influence. The price for this will be reasonable. Provide us with the size of the boxes and quantity that you’ll need. 

Made to order


If you’re planning to order a few or doxes of boxes, get our finished boxes. These boxes are mass produced so there’s no required minimum order for this. The prices for these boxes are very cheap. We produce them in large quantities and divide them for their unit prices.


Please check our common gift box size table for more accurate dimensions and sizings.


These are the magnetic foldable boxes. If you want to have one custom-made for you or order smaller quantities of magnetic boxes, we will help you with that. You may contact us with the form below. We’ll contact you as soon as possible and give you the best solution or quotation. Message us today for your magnetic foldable box inquiries and needs!

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Don’t hesitate, our team will guid you to build your packaging boxes if you have no idea about size, shape and material….etc. 

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