1 Best Magnetic Foldable Box Solution To Save Shipping Cost


Kevin Wu

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    It’s a common sense that rigid gift boxes are more luxury than other boxes. And you will be confused to purchase, because it takes big volume, then many store fees and also expensive shipping cost.

    Now, this pain point is solved – make the magnetic boxes to be folded. Please view the video of cardboard foldable boxes below.

    Magnetic foldable box aboved is as similar as the rigid gift box with fixed size. It have same material, also same luxury finishing for logo and surface (the logo is embossed and foil stamped as video). The physical height of this box is 75mm, and it’s only 6mm as thick after being folded.  

    Now you could see how many volume is saved. 

    Is there any disadvantage of magnetic foldable box?

    It’s no helpful for your decisions of business when you don’t know it’s disadvantages of folding magnetic gift box. Let’s check it one by one as below:

    Magnetic foldable box is folded when you got the magnetic collapsible boxes. You have to open it and tear the tape off to shape it as a rigid gift box. Meanwhile, it will be a little more expensive for some size than the fixed gift boxes. Except these 2 points, other are same as fixed size gift boxes.

    5 Most Popular Styles Of Magnetic Foldable Boxes

    Maybe you are confused by many structures or don’t have imagine about the magnetic foldable box. In order to make it is more clear, we list the 5 most popular styles for your reference.

    Firstly: 5pcs structure

    This magnetic foldable box has 5 parts for outside cover. It can also be laid flat and can be used for smaller items. This structure is the most frequently used for folded boxes.

    A Best Solution To Save Shipping Cost 1

    Secondly: 7pcs structure

    The 7 pcs structure of magnetic foldable box is more complex than above, which will be more strong when shape it and could be reused. Due to higher cost, it’s used for less very luxury products.

    magnetic collapsible boxes

    Thirdly: Magnetic side folded structure

    This structure, the sider of box could be folded and magneted together when you open. It’s also could be reused after goods sold.

    Fourthly: Ribbon closing structure

    It is available to close the boxes by ribbion when you don’t like it closed by magnet. And you could choose different style of ribbion, also could print your brand name on.

    foldable gift box with ribbon

    Fifthly: Super size structure

    When your size of box is large, our team also have this power to help. View the box as below, which is big and almost as long as a adult when open it flat. Contact us freely when you need.

    collapsible rigid box

    What's the prices of magnetic foldable boxes?

    Sorry to say there’s no fixed price point for any of these magnetic foldable boxes. The price will depend on the dimensions and number of boxes.  We provide custom services for your brand, and also sold the ready-made boxes when you have no requirements for brand. 

    Custom services of foldable rigid boxes

    For orders more than 300 boxes, we recommend getting a customized box. Customizing boxes with your logo, brand. Provide us with the size of the boxes and quantity to get custom quotation. 

    Ready-made boxes to order

    If you’re planning to order a few or doxes of boxes, get our finished boxes. These boxes are mass produced so there’s no required minimum order for this. Please check our common gift box size table for more accurate dimensions and sizings.

    Get Quotation Via The Form As Below

     You could contact us with the form below. We’ll contact you as soon as possible and give you the best solution or quotation. Message us today for your magnetic foldable box inquiries and needs!