How are Magnetic Boxes Customised for Branding?

Custom magnetic boxes are sleek, subtle, and presentable. These boxes not only look good, but they also have a secure and sturdier build. Magnets are a great addition to any custom box, giving them a distinctive design. These boxes are ideal for sales and marketing kits.

In order to survive and succeed in a competitive world, it is essential to use the right branding and promotional methods. One of the significant benefits of using custom magnet box is that they give you the dual benefit of safe packaging and brand promotion simultaneously. Though magnetic boxes are very attractive and you don’t need to do much with them to appeal to customers, when these boxes are customised to showcase your brand message, company logo, or company name, they add to your marketing efforts.

Most of the reputed manufacturers use their expertise in creating customised boxes to meet the branding needs of a business. They use many different methods to customise your box, such as digital printing, embossing or debussing, spot UV, foil stamping, or screen printing for that high-end look.

Custom Foil Stamping:

Custom foil stamping is a way to provide striking customisation to a box with magnet. It typically involves applying metallic foil to a box, stamping a design into the packaging with a heated die, and creating a sharp-looking metallic veneer. It provides an upscale presence and dimension to packaging. It can be used for enhancing business logos, lettering in product names, or slogans.

Custom Spot UV Printing

Spot UV Print provides a modernised and customised look to your box with a magnet. It is usually a liquid-based protective print coating that leaves a high-gloss hard finish on the box. Spot UV print is particularly used on dull surfaces.

Custom Die-Cut Foam Inserts

Custom Die Cut Foam Inserts add a professional element to your packaging while keeping your products safe and intact inside the box. It is a simple andfunctional solution to safe product packing. Die-cut foam density usually varies from low to high to securely hold your product in a magnetic box.

Custom Thermoformed Trays

Custom Thermoformed Trays add great flexibility and security to a box with a magnet. Its size is customised, so that tray fits inside your custom box packaging. When cavities are created in a tray, it can hold products or contents of any shape. The flexibility of custom-designed trays displays products in a professional way while keeping them secure and organised inside your magnetic box.

A thoughtfully designed magnetic box for product packaging can really have a positive impact on your business image. It may seem like an expensive option, but a premium box with personalised marketing materials is a smart investment, especially if you are dealing in quality products. These packaging boxes can truly make you stand out from the crowd and take your brand to the next level in the industry.