7 Garment Packaging Boxes To Boom Your Sales


Kevin Wu

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    The moment people see your products on the shelves or in pictures, they can immediately recognize them as yours. These are just some of the reasons why you should invest in good garment packaging boxes. As a business owner, particularly in the garment and clothing industry, we have to establish enlarge this recall more and more, as jelwery packaging boxes

    In this article, you’ll see a glimpse of the different boxes you can use and give you an idea for your garment packaging box. With all of these in mind, here’s a quick rundown as below:

    Garment packaging boxes1: Clothes Packaging Boxes

    Some of the clothing brands in the retail industry use plastics as their main packaging. Usually, these are just transparent plastics and they would just shove the clothes in them. But as a clothing brand, you’d want to stand out from the rest. That means putting some thought and effort into your packaging.  Aside from plastics, rigid decorative clothes packaging boxes make the perfect packaging for your clothing business. It’s economical and environment-friendly, too.

    clothes packaging boxes

    Given the sturdy nature of boxes compared to plastics, you can guarantee your customers that the clothes will be packaged properly. In this way, you won’t have to worry about the additional packaging you’d have to invest in if you’re going to ship your products.

    We offer various sizes of clothes garment packaging boxes for our clients. Our boxes are good for packaging casual clothing such as a skirt, sweater, T-shirts, shirts, jeans, and sportswear; to the more intimate-kind of clothing such as nightgowns.  With our clothing packaging boxes, you and your customers are assured that the products aren’t only packaged in pretty boxed, but are also safe from any kind of contamination and possible breaking that may be experienced during transport. 

    garment packaging boxes
    garment packaging boxes

    Garment packaging boxes 2: Underwear Packaging

    Good thing we have an extensive and unique line of underwear boxes that you can choose from. The paper card box is the most basic and common of all – but you can design this accordingly to ensure that yours will stand out from the rest. Doing intensive and thorough marketing research would be a prerequisite for this. After setting the designs, you’d have to get the best box printing service that can offer you good quality of work, and something that’s within your budget, too. At CBP BOX, we are your partners in making all of these happen.

    garment packaging boxes
    garment packaging boxes

    Aside from underwear paper card boxes, there are two other boxes available if you want to be a little bit more extra in packaging your products. These are the underwear presentation and drawer boxes. These are a perfect way for you to increase the value of your product by putting in that additional feel and luxurious touch to it. At the same time, you can also market these to your customers are something which can be recycled, upcycled, or given to someone as gifts to family and friends.

    garment packaging boxes

    Garment packaging boxes 3: Socks Packaging

    Socks and stockings are two types of undergarments that come in nice box packaging. Packaging made up of cartons, particularly that of the corrugated box type is the best choice when it comes to these products. Silk stockings are very delicate. If these are one of the products that you sell, know that you cannot use novelty tags to package these as it can ruin the quality of the product. A thick cardboard box can also prevent socks and stockings from getting wrinkled overtime.

    garment packaging boxes
    garment packaging boxes

    Garment packaging boxes 4: Bra Packaging Box

    Brassieres, along with other intimate forms of clothing like underwear should always be packed properly. Aside from the captivating appeal to your target market, it also makes the product itself more secure. Usually, bras are packed in boxes to make sure that it doesn’t get contaminated or deformed in transit.

    bra packaging box

    With all of these factored out, you are definitely much better at choosing a rigid gift decorative box packaging for your bra packaging box. These can either be in a form of collapsible or custom corrugated boxes – any of these can suffice. However, you have to make sure that the material is thick enough to handle any kind of stress and possible deformations while it’s being transported.

    7 Garment Packaging Boxes To Boom Your Sales 1

    Garment packaging boxes 5: Tie Packaging

    Ties, along with other forms of clothing, are the best kind of gifts anyone can give to someone special. So if you’re selling ties, it’s definitely better to pack them in nice and very presentable packaging. Some customers also reuse these packaging or even use it as a way to store the ties themselves.

    If you’ve packaged ties prettily enough, your customers may not even proceed to wrap these up. These are some of the goals you can target if you truly want to get ahead of your competitors. Some of our boxes that you can use for these are the magnetic, presentation, and drawer boxes. All of these box packaging is a little bit more extra than the usual tie packaging box anyone can see in the market. With it, you’re guaranteed to stand out from the rest of your competitors.

    7 Garment Packaging Boxes To Boom Your Sales 2

    Garment packaging boxes 6: Belt Packaging

    Aside from clothes, belts can also be packed with beautiful boxes. These are usually done because of how intricate the material used for belts is. Leather belts can become damaged during the transport process. As someone who sells belts, it’s one of your responsibilities to make sure that your products are transported properly until it arrives intact with no signs of breakage to your customers.

    With that, belts should be packaged into tough boxes such as that of a corrugated, magnetic, or presentation type of box. All of these are sturdy enough to protect your products

    belt packaging boxes

    Garment packaging boxes 7: Custom Shoe Boxes China

    Aside from the basics for clothing, underwear, and belts, we also offer box packagings for shoes. For this, we offer packaging for boots, sandals, trainers, sneakers, and canvas shoes. All of these are made according to the shoe sizes, ensuring that each product fits well in the box, making it very well protected as it can be. Custom shoe boxes China from CBP can be customized to whatever styles of the box you want them to be.  However, we suggest that you’d make it as pretty as possible. In this way, you can attract more customers into purchasing your products while still maintaining the quality of the product.


    There are a lot of other businesses and brands in your area, the best thing you can do to stand out is to put in much thought and effort into how you’re going to package your products. It’s definitely more than just making these secure; rather, it’s also how you boost your appeal to your customers. 

    Garment boxes wholesale China is one of paper box solution we provide. As a problem broker, we provide solution of custom shirt box, cap box, underwear box..etc. Our products has been exported to the North America, Europe and Australia. With us, you will have a garment packaging solution for your products with the custom size, style, material printing and finish.

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