Underwear Packaging Boxes

As a problem broker, we provide solution of custom shirt box, cap box, underwear box..etc. Our products has been exported to the North America, Europe and Australia. With us, you will have a garment packaging solution for your products with the custom size, style, material printing and finish.

Also we provide more style could hold 2 or more inside.

Garment Boxes 1

Underwear Presentation Box

Garment Boxes 2

Underwear Drawer Box

Garment Boxes 3

Underwear Papercard Box

Garment Boxes 4

How to sell your socks in a good price?

A good Socks Packaging Box will improve your socks into a higher level. Today, the woven of socks is not a high technical, and a attractive packaging will make your socks hot sale to the guys who don’t keep eyes on cheap price.

Garment Boxes 5
Garment Boxes 6
Garment Boxes 7
Garment Boxes 8

Clothes and Shoes Packaging Boxes

Maybe you don’t need too cool packaging for your clothes and shoes, due to style is the most important for them. And you still need a strong and nice packaging box to carry. Keeping the shape of them no changed during the delivery is very very important. We could help you to do. Need a price?

Garment Boxes 9
Garment Boxes 10
Garment Boxes 11

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