Free Die Cut Templates For Paper Boxes Packaging

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Free Die Cut Templates 1

What's die cut template?

Die cut template is the model to cut the cardboard and paper into flat shape, then fold them to tridimensional box. Normally, the gift box have 5 die cut template at least. And printed card packaging box have 1 template. In order to guide the clients who have no idea to design, our team provide custom free die cut template services. Contact us via the form on the bottom to get.

Usually we can send you the free template within 24/7 hours on our working days. Hope they can help you when you have no idea about packaging. However, if you have your own custom paper box, that’s perfect to do. Please let me know which structure of rigid paper box is you want.

As the picture on the right, our working room custom a die cut to cut the paper and cardboard into the shape. There will be 5-8 templates for each box, but only need send you the file for outside to fill your design. The others are used to input into our machine system.

free die cut templates

Download some free die cut templates

Free die cut templates for rigid gift boxes

Firstly, we provide some common box packaging templates for custom rigid boxes, which for magnetic gift boxes, drawer boxes, lid and base boxes…etc. However, the all kinds of templates can’t be listed fully on this web page, due to there are too many styles. Contact us via the form on the bottom, then our representatives will reply and help you. As we know, all these packaging box templates is just for your reference to shape your idea. The useful template is customized as per your size. Don’t worry, our team will help to you when quotation is confirmed. Please click picture to download.

Free die cut templates for card paper packaging boxes

Secondly, there are common structure of paper boxes for your choice. Depends on different materials, such as kraft paper, corrugated paper, card paper, it could be different structure to suggest. Please check it as below. Also as below, please contact us to get more if the list is not enough for your choice.

RSC, regular slotted container template

free die cut templates

STE, straight tuck end paper box template

free die cut templates

RTE, reverse tuck end paper box template

free die cut templates

TTSLB, tuck top snap lock bottom box template

free die cut templates

TTAB, tuck top auto lock bottom box template

free die cut templates

RETT, Roll end tuck top mailer box template

free die cut templates

Which template is best for your products?

Before choosing which template you would like, you have to decide which kind of material you will use for it. Here we will help to draw a range of templates by material.

  • Card paper and kraft paper:
    The card paper is thin to support big size. So it’s best to match the small size. Each edge is It need one piece of template to do.  
  • Corrugated paper:
    The level of corrugated paper have many thickness for choice depends on the weight of your product inside. B, E, F, level is common size. F corrugated paper is suit for small size, which edge is not more than 150mm. E corrugated paper is suit to midum size, B corruagted paper suit to big size.
  • Cardboard stock:
    Cardboard material have strong and thick stock, so it’s best to do rigid gift boxes, and also to do printed paper tube.
free die cut templates

How to use the templates from us?

  • Click the picture to download the original file, or ask the custom free die cut templates from our sales.
  • Open the free die cut templates you got using Adobe Illustrator
  • Lock the layer containing the die cut template and do working on top of it
  • Fill the content with your design, and don’t forget to leave the bleeding to trim
  • Layout the file into PDF to make sure no changes on the end
free die cut templates

Need a physical sample to check free die cut templates?

It just make sure the sketch and structure of the box. It need you fill the design to get the full file. Then got a full design.
Now how to make sure the sample is 100% as you want? It’s best to make a physical sample to check. As the video on the right, we use the sample cutter to cut as per the template. This could help you save time and cost to make physical die cut, and it don’t waste the cost when you need to change.

Contact us and our sales representives will guide you one step by step, even though you have no idea about the packaging boxes. Fill the contact form as below to build your own template for decorative box.

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