5 Points To Flower Box Wholesale In China

flower box wholesale

Flower Box Wholesale

If you are finding flower boxes for your floria, don’t hesitate to read this article. It will introduce what flower boxes you could get and what services you got. And don’t suggest to read when you only need one box, due to it’s “Flower Box Wholesale” here.

1, What's flower box wholesale?

Flower boxes is made by cardboard paper with printing and decoration on. They are used for flowers packaging as gift. And shaped into many kinds.

CBP Box company have provide ready-made flower boxes and packed into carton to wholesale. This need one carton at least.

2, What flower boxes from CBP BOX?

Square shape flower box

Heart shape flower box

Round shape flower box

More shapes

3, Customized logo services

No only ready-made ones, we will personalize these boxes together with your logo and other artwork. It’s a special added twist to bring your business to the eye of the foremost demanding – and therefore the most appreciative – customers during a special, attractive way. Create inimitable floral designs with these eco-friendly luxury flower gift boxes and open up endless possibilities for your business. you’ll also order one among our samples to personally check our quality or take a glance at many customers’ reviews about our products and services.

4,How to purchase?

The flower boxes are ready-made here and our team will update the design every months. The design follows the fashion in Europe and North America. And will delete the old styles, to show you the new ones.

In order to save volume in shipping, we pack flower gift box in each sets. For example, this set flower box have 3 sizes. Then we put the smaller box into big one, to make sure the shipping is safe and economical.

Meanwhile, we make a products list for your choice, which have all the flower boxes we could produce for you. Please contact our team via the talbe as below. Then our sales representives to send you the catalog.

Process of flower box wholesale from CBP BOX Company:

  1. Check the product list and show us which ones would you like? (sales will send it to you when contact)
  2. We will send you a quotation sheet with the styles you favorite with shipping cost to your address or unloading port. (please show us your address to quote)
  3. The shipping company will pick it up from our working room.
  4. Our sales will send you the coupon for next order.

5, How to ship to us?

Delivery by air:

Delivery by sea:

6, Is there any discount for reduplicated orders?

In order to reduce your purchase cost for reduplicated orders, our team will send you electronic coupon or paper coupon with goods shipped out together.

The coupon cost could be used to pay for next order.

over 3000USD for each order, coupon 100USD

over 5000USD for each order, coupon 200USD

over 10000USD for each order, coupon 300USD

over 2000USD for each order, coupon 400USD

5 Points To Flower Box Wholesale In China 3

CBP group not only provide good Eco-friendly product to the market but also contribute to maintain a healthy environment and so our main product range includes paper bag, shopping bags, custom rigid boxes and lot more.

Paper products are most environment-friendly than plastic products because they are made from a renewable resource and good for our environment.

Paper bags are available in different quality and charges. But CBP flower box are one of the most desired flower bags in the market and one of the best marketable flower box. 


Specification of flower box wholesale

Same goes for the customized rigid boxes which are eco-friendly and most Eye Catching, attractive boxes in the market which is latest decoration craze to sweep the market with the new idea of packaging.

Know more specifications about our products;

  1. Size- When it comes to the size, we can customize them according to our requirements.
  2. Material-Single thick layered best quality lab tested paper.
  3. Color- We have plenty of colors
  4. Customizations-Your logo and brand name can be skill screened or hot stamped or any of our packaging solutions.

Our paper bags and custom flower box wholesale are well liked by Our customers not only because of their quality but also because they are the best pocket-friendly products available in the market which is completely worthy of their value.

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