Finishing Options

paper tube packaging

The finishing of outside of box will make your packaging more attractive and improve the hot sales. CBP will help you on a perfect packaging solution, and also a nice outside finishing. 


Add durability and water-resistance to your packaging with a clear thin plastic film laminated. Improve the tactile feel of the of the printed surface, lending it a smooth finish.


Give a clear shiny, matte or silk coating. Protect the color print and prevent the color ink from rubbing off.

UV Varnishing

Cover the packaging surface with a transparent coating that feels very smooth and thick. Coating dries immediately under the ultra-violet light.

Spot UV

Have a particular area or your logo on the surface UV varnished to add a eye-catching contrast to the rest of the surface.


Make the logo, text or images raise above the surface to create a 3D feel.

Foil Stamping

Add a prestigious metallic finish to the packaging surface, giving a luxury quality feel.


For card box

For gift box cover

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