Electronics Packaging Boxes

Electronics Packaging Boxes 1

Electronics Packaging Boxes

Are you searching for high quality custom boxes for your electronics? CBP Box offers that, plus more, with our affordable custom electronic boxes that promise protection and durability. An agent will be more than willing to help you design your custom electronic box through phone, email, form, or chat! Contact us now.

As a professional paper box manufacturer, we provide high quality, and fast delivery,and accepted customized for watch gift box, cell phone packaging boxes, dash camera boxes, Robot packaging boxes, LED screen boxes, earphone paper boxes, e-cigarette paper boxes, corrugated electronics packaging boxes etc,

Rigid Drawer Box

Electronics Packaging Boxes 2

Magnet Closure Box

Electronics Packaging Boxes 3

Gift Packaging Box

We will provide a perfect inlay, which could be plastic,EVA, paper stock, in order to make sure your goods is safe in the box and make sure the box looks very nice. Rigid gift box will make the level of quality improved much.

Lid and bottom Box

Electronics Packaging Boxes 4

Gift Box With EVA Inlay

Electronics Packaging Boxes 5

Paper Card Packaging Boxes

For some not such weigh products, you could use the paper cardboard structure to packaging. If so, the packaging will be much easy and much saved. Also you could add a handle on the top, to make sure it be used easily in mall. much.

Cardboard Box

Electronics Packaging Boxes 6

Window Cardboard Box

Electronics Packaging Boxes 7

Corrugated Packaging Boxes

The strength of box need to be improved when the size of box is large. It’s better to use corrugated material to make it. Same printing as cardboard paper box, and could be saved much than the rigid gift boxes.much.

Tuck Top Snap Bottom Box

Electronics Packaging Boxes 8

PVC Windows Corrugated Box

Electronics Packaging Boxes 9
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