8 Best Suggestions To Choose Electronics Packaging Boxes

Electronics packaging boxes has placed an very important part of the marketing today. So almost every one have been thrown into a battle to highlight our branding again and again.

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    Why important to choose electronics packaging boxes?

    Every products owner want to highlight their brand.

    We know more luxury feeling more hot sales. But the truth that every box have it’s limited budget.

    You must to get all of them together, but it’s impossible. There is no cheap and luxury packaging boxes. 

    So now we help you find a balance point between cost and luxury feeling. Show us your budget and the size of your products, also how many products to be packaged. Then our professional team will calculate you different options during your budget.

    8 Best Suggestions For Electronics Packaging 1

    How to choose the best electronics packaging boxes

    At CBP BOX, we offer a good variety of box packaging for electronics devices. Here are some of them:

    1, For big electronics packaging boxes

    For bigger electronic devices such as office printer, phablets (phone tablets), or any device with bigger screen sizes, mostly it be suggested to use corrugated printed boxes. And use rigid box for high valued products inside, due to expensive for rigid big box.

    You don’t have to worry about your devices not fitting perfectly in our boxes. We will provide the best-suited inlay of box which is measured to suit your products in place. We use plastic, EVA, or paper stock for the inlays.

    8 Best Suggestions For Electronics Packaging 2

    2. Small electronics packaging boxes

    For smaller electronic devices with smaller screens such as smartphones, here are several types of box packaging as below:

    Electronics packaging boxes

    - 2.1 Paper card electronics packaging boxes

    For some not such weight products, you could use the paper cardboard structure to packaging. If so, the packaging will be much easy and much saved. Also you could add a handle on the top, to make sure it be used easily in much.

    Cardboard Box

    This type of box is not too flashy nor too expensive for these products. It’s also more economical to pack smaller items this way as it measured exactly to your product’s dimensions. Either way, you can design these in accordance with your target market.

    8 Best Suggestions For Electronics Packaging 3
    • Cameras
    • Chargers
    • Earphones
    • Tripods
    Window Cardboard Box

    This case, it’s best to show products from inside. It’s built just the same as that of a cardboard box but it has a visible hole that acts as a window on it. This can show your customers what’s inside of it.  And the window is transparent PVC material.

    8 Best Suggestions For Electronics Packaging 4
    • Light bulbs
    • Speakers
    • LED bulbs or strips
    • Tuck top snap bottom box

    - 2.2 Corrugated electronics packaging boxes

    The strength of box need to be improved when the size of box is large. It’s better to use corrugated material to make it. Same printing as cardboard paper box, and could be saved much than the rigid gift boxes.much.

    Tuck Top Snap Bottom Box

    A tuck top snap bottom box is most suited for small but kind of heavy electronic devices. It is just right for its size and it can also be a cost-saving type of box packaging. 

    8 Best Suggestions For Electronics Packaging 5
    • Radio
    • Speakers
    • Chargers
    • Microphones
    • Web camera
    • Camera
    • PVC windows corrugated box
    PVC Windows Corrugated Box

    A PVC windows corrugated box is almost the same as that of a window cardboard box. The only difference would be instead of having a plain window outside, there’s a PVC that will protect your products. 

    8 Best Suggestions For Electronics Packaging 6
    • Radio
    • Speakers
    • Microphones
    • Earphones
    • Headphones
    • Web camera
    • Mouse

    - 2.3 Gift electronics packaging boxes

    ---- 2.3.1 Lid and bottom box

    A lid and bottom box is the packaging you commonly see in small electronic devices. It has a lid which fits perfectly on its bottom box. With this type of box, your customers have to simply lift the lid up while the bottom part stays in place and holds your products. It’s an easy way to package electronic devices. It’s also a classic way of doing so as most big manufacturers of electronic devices use this box packaging.

    watch box packaging
    ---- 2.3.2 Rigid drawer box

    A rigid drawer box for small electronic devices is very much of the same quality as that with bigger electronic devices. If you want to get a more premium and luxurious feel with your products, a rigid drawer box to keep smartphones and other small electronic devices is a great choice. 

    Electronics packaging boxes

    It keeps your products set in place without having to worry about them shaking or being damaged while it’s in transit. Users will simply slide the box open to see the products, such as flower boxes. No need for them to lift up the box or put any effort into opening it.

    ---- 2.3.3 Magnet closure box

    A magnet closure box is almost the same as that of a rigid drawer box. The only difference would be that your clients will only get to open the closure box through its magnetic flap. 

    The box itself can be reused and it’s very fitting if your brand stands for eco-consciousness. Aside from these, it gives a more luxurious feel to your products – giving your clients only the best that they’d deserve and what they pay for.

    Electronics packaging boxes

    3. How to place accessories?

    Accessories for electronic devices are indispensable in packaging box and easy to move. So we also make different inlay to hold them inside packaging boxes. Here are some common accessories inside. And we list different inlay for box via this link. Please click to Check More.

    • Pens
    • Earphones
    • Cables
    • Charger
    • Power brick

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