Detailing Flower Gift Boxes Wholesale! 1

CBP group not only provide good Eco-friendly product to the market but also contribute to maintain a healthy environment and so our main product range includes paper bag, shopping bags, custom rigid boxes and lot more.

Paper products are most environment-friendly than plastic products because they are made from a renewable resource and good for our environment.

Paper bags are available in different quality and charges. But CBP flower box are one of the most desired flower bags in the market and one of the best marketable flower box. All of our flower boxes are lab tested and eco-friendly.

Same goes for the customized rigid boxes which are eco-friendly and most Eye Catching, attractive boxes in the market which is latest decoration craze to sweep the market with the new idea of packaging.

Know more specifications about our products;

  1. Size- When it comes to the size, we can customize them according to our requirements.
  2. Material-Single thick layered best quality lab tested paper.
  3. Color- We have plenty of colors
  4. Customizations-Your logo and brand name can be skill screened or hot stamped or any of our packaging solutions.

Our paper bags and custom rigid boxes are well liked by Our customers not only because of their quality but also because they are the best pocket-friendly products available in the market which is completely worthy of their value.