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Custom Sliding Boxes Solution From China

As a famous paper box manufacturer in China, we provide custom sliding boxes and no boxes is from stock.

Don’t worry about delivery. We will delivery the boxes to your door same as your purchase from local.

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We Are The Custom Sliding Boxes Supplier From China

Rigid Drawer Box Manufacturer

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Table of Contents

Different Drawer Box Packaging

What Styles of Custom Sliding Boxes We Provide

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More Styles FYI

As below, we list the 3 most to be used styles for your choice. And the idea is not limited by these. You could open your mind to creat or our team will help you to creat when you have no idea to make it more actractive. View more as below and contact our team via form on the footer to get a professional suggestion or quotation.

1. Rigid Drawer Boxes

Rigid drawer boxes are made by rigid paper board and decorative paper. The decorative paper could be printed or surface finished to make it more attractive. And the rigid cardboard could shape the structure, meanwhile to make it strong and safe to protect the products inside.

Cardboard Drawer Box
Custom Sliding Boxes 3

2. Sleeve Gift Boxes

Sleeve gift boxes have similar structure as rigid drawer boxes, which are a sleeve and a drawer. The difference of sleeve is that one made by card paper, and another is mady by rigid paper board. Menwhile, the drawer is same as rigid drawer boxes.

Custom Sliding Boxes 4
Kraft Drawer Box

3. Paper Drawer Box

The structure of paper drawer box is made by one paper sleeve and paper drawer. The sleeve and drawer is also made by card paper or cardboard, which leads to different looks and cost. We suggest it based on the value of products inside. Contact us to get professional packaging solution.

Cardboard Drawer Box
Kraft Drawer Box
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How To Make Sliding Box Packaging More Attractive?

1. Cut Transparant Window

Rigid drawer boxes can be fitted with a clear window patch so customers can get a good look at the products packaged inside. The window can either be left open with no film, or a transparent PVC window can be added according to the requirement.

drawer packaging boxes

Highlight the logo or brand by special tech, such as gold/silver foil, spot uv, embossing, debossing, screen printing…etc. Also you could design a perfect color or graphic printing to hightlight it. Contact our sales representives to share you more similar samples.

Cardboard Drawer Box

3. Change A Pull Out Solution

Except the surface finishing and structure, we also could change a way to pull out to make it more attractive. For example, ribbion tail, rope tail, cust notch pull-outs and also push directly way. Please videw more details as below:

3.1. Ribbon Tail To Pull

In this style, a beautiful ribbon is attached to one side of drawer, which can be pulled to draw the drawer out. Not only does the ribbon look elegant and dainty, but it can be customized to suit the overall style and tone of the brand.

Custom Sliding Boxes 5

3.2. Cut Notch Pull-outs

In this style a finger notch cut is made to pull the drawer out easily from the rigid sleeve. While it may not seal the box completely, this simplistic design is an excellent option for certain products.

custom sliding box

3.3. Rope pull-outs

Two durable yet elegant handles can be added to the rigid cardboard drawer box so it can be easily carried around without the need for extra packing. These handles can be made from either paper, ribbon or rope.

Custom Sliding Boxes 6

3.4. Push to open

Those looking for a more match-box style will prefer these custom sliding carboard drawer boxes which can be pushed from either side to open. These rigid carboard drawer boxes are more traditional in style.

Custom Sliding Boxes 7

The action before order

The Answer To Build Your Perfect Packaging

As our experience at sales, these questions are most important to know before your decision to go custom sliding boxes from China.

If we provide custom sample?

We will provide a custom physical sample for your checking the structure and printing before order

How to make it safe on the way?

The boxes will be packed by exporting cartons. And place them on pallet to protect when it's on the way

How to delivery to me?

Suggest delivery by sea when your volume or weight is over 200kg. And also delivery by train to Europe

What's the prices?

There is no fixed prices for custom boxes. And we will quote you soon when got your requirements via the form as below

Contact us to quote