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Custom Rigid Boxes Services From China

A custom rigid box is a type of packaging solution that is designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs and requirements of a particular product or brand. Unlike standard boxes, custom rigid boxes are typically made from high-density cardboard or other premium materials and are engineered to provide extra strength and durability.

These boxes are also customizable in terms of size, shape, color, and design, allowing brands to showcase their unique identity and branding elements. Custom rigid boxes are commonly used for packaging high-end and luxury products such as electronics, cosmetics, and gift items, where premium quality packaging is an essential part of the overall product experience.

custom rigid boxes

一,We Are The Custom Rigid Box Manufacturer From China

CBP BOX Company

CBP company is one of best custom rigid box factories found in 2002, located in Shenzhen China, near by Hongkong. Which provide the best and reliable printing services for all over the world. We are a leading …


The printing service is strictly made as per ISO9001, FSC, CE, Great Wall standard. And we can provide the certificate based on your own products.We have QC team to check every process in order to …

Address : B#, Run tang industry park, Bilan Road, Guanlan, Longhua district, Shenzhen City, China, 518110

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二,Customization options of custom rigid boxes

This structure is simple and to be used frequently, which include 2 parts top lid and bottom. And many companies will add printing or highlighted logo on the top of box to make the impression of visitors. In order to make it more luxury, you also could add a shoulder between lid and bottom. 

Paper Box Company

The most common decorative gift boxes used is custom magnet box, which also have 2 parts, one is outside cover and inner box. The top and inside of cover could be branded and also could be die cut into a window to show the goods inside. Meanwhile, you also could color the whole box as below.

Hair Brush Packaging

Folded gift box is a best solution for expensive shipping cost, which could help to save much volume. It have the luxury looking as magnetic closure box after unfolding, but it not suited to big size due to it is not strong as the magnetic gift box of fixed size.

When you have no requirements of brand, we could provide foldable gift box from stock, which are ready made to ship. Our folded magnetic gift boxes are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and unique finishes, with options for packaging. Contact us via the form on the bottom to know more.

Maybe there are too many different structure of custom rigid box you can’t name. Now we introduce another very type of rigid box that is called a sliding boxes or also known as a drawer box. It’s opened and closed by sliding, which is much like a drawer, so called a sliding box packaging or a drawer gift box.

custom sliding boxes

The box could be open on the top from middle to left or right sides. And also could add the decorative closing area.

This style is more attractive and also high expensive than others.

double door box

三, Added on of custom rigid boxes

1. Sleeve for custom rigid gift boxes

Using a packaging sleeves to make it luxury rigid boxes. It is a economical option for branding products. Wrapped paper sleeves are also used as accent or design on other prints – for invitations, cards, and books. Then the visitors could remind what’s inside without any hesitate.

custom rigid boxes

2. Round rigid boxes

Cylinder shape will make the structure of box very strong than regular rigid boxes. And also it could be printed as the custom rigid boxes, meanwhile you could make same inserts for it similar as custom gift boxes. More details and information please click to view the printed paper tube page.

There is possible to make a customized corrugated kraft paper box to protect the decorative box if you have enough budget for packaging. As the below video, it is made for a client in Australia.

The finishing of outside of rigid custom boxes will make your packaging more attractive and improve the hot sales. Such as foil stamped, spot uv,embossing, debossing, glossy/matte varnishing.

 Here the foil we provided, which is not limited as gold,silver foil, and also different styles of holo foil. Show you part of it as below.

box surface finishing

Offset printing is a commonly used printing technique in which the inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the paper. So the cost of less printing is expensive unit price.

So we use digital printing machine to print for your sample. Normally, the sample is 1 or 2 pieces

cardboard box printing

六,What’s the custom rigid box prices?

The quotation of custom rigid boxes wholesale have no standard, which cost from 1 USD to 100USD. Different materila, surface, strcture, size and printing will change the cost. Frankly speaking, due to certificated supplier by big brands, such as CLARINS, UMBRO, POSRCHE..etc, the quality of us is competitive.

If you really have no idea about it, we will help to build your own custom rigid boxes. Contact via the form as below for rigid paper box made in china!

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