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CBP provide a full sides packaging solution for all your cosmetics. Such as perfume, makeup, cosmetic kits, brushes…etc. And we provide variety of packaging boxes for your choice. Such as magnetic closure box, lid and base box, collar box, drawer box, paper tube. And the material is from simple cardboard paper to cardboard..etc.

  • Cream Packaging kit
  • Makeup box
  • Brush set box
  • Perfume box

Below, we list some common gift packaging boxes of cosmetic for your reference. Only need you provide a size of box you want, we will share you many options for your choice.

Most Popular Styles of Cosmetic Box

cosmetic gift packaging

Facial Cream Kit

It could hold one facial cream, one clean cream, a moisture cream and one bottle of perfume.

And all these to be packaged as a gift box.

A series of cream or tools could be packaged into magnetic box. In order to avoid all cosmetic boxes looks all same.

Open from the flip with magnetic

Magnetic Set Box

magnet box
Cosmetics Packaging Box 2

Perfume Packaging Box

The tube packaging box could make the perfume more attractive and also safe to delivery.

We put the EVA to hold on the bottle to looks more nice and fixed.

Put all brushes together and packaging them as a gift box. More attractive and also more effective.

It’s also a tool box of cosmetics and gift box.

Brush Packaging Box

cosmetic gift box
Cosmetics Packaging Box 3

“Packaging cartons are good enough to protect our boxes during shipping. Good job. Hope will another order soon”

Micheal Wine, UK

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“ Amazing, it’s the original feeling when we got it. No pains, no gains. It’s the best we show all after many times purchase in China”