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Mailer boxes are the corrugated packaging boxes which are used for shipping, mail..etc. Normally, it have 3 layers at least, top layer is printed thick paper, middle is corrugated paper to be protective, and the 3th layer is the inside paper printed or naked as it is. From the video as below, you could see the common style boxes. And there are more suggestions as below.

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    There are many kinds of styles and structures of corrugated boxes to be designed. These two we introduced is most to be used on the market.

    The corrugated mailer boxes could be catergoried as common shipping boxes and printed mailer boxes. Common shipping box only have the fuction to protec the goods inside during shipping. And printed mailer boxes also have the function to brand the products inside.

    Common shipping boxes

    The function of common shipping boxes is to protect the goods inside, so there don’t need special material and color printing on. It’s mostly looks as below.

    corrugated mailer boxes

    Printed Mailer Boxes

    It is typically made of corrugated cardboard or chipboard, and can be printed using a variety of methods such as digital or offset printing. The printing could be high-quality images or rich words to create.

    Corrugated Mailer Boxes 2

    Material Options

    The material of printed mailer boxes have 2 parts, one is outside paper and another is the corrugated core. Read more as below.

    Corrugated core of corrugated mailer boxes

    Corrugated core material is a type of cardboard material that is widely used in the production of mailer boxes. It is made by sandwiching a fluted sheet of paper, known as the “corrugated medium,” between two flat sheets of paper, which are called the “linerboards.”

    The fluted medium provides the corrugated core material with its characteristic strength and rigidity, as well as its ability to absorb shock and protect the contents of the mailer box during shipping and handling. The linerboards, on the other hand, provide a smooth surface for printing and branding purposes.

    Corrugated core material is available in different grades, which can range from lightweight to heavy-duty, depending on the intended application of the mailer box. The most common grades are single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall corrugated, which consist of one, two, and three layers of fluted medium, respectively.

    paper for boxes

    There have to be a smooth and printed paper above the corrugated core to make the box looks more nice, and also carry the information of products and brands on. The paper need enough thickness to hide the mark of glue and looks beautiful.

    Surface paper

    The surface paper need enough thickness to strong the box, normally it is thick coated paper, kraft paper..etc, which could be color printed on. After lamination on coated paper, the surface is water-proof and strong after folding many times.

    Corrugated Mailer Boxes 3

    Inside paper

    Most economic mailer boxes are brown paper for inside, it’s cheap and strong without any printing on. If you need it’s printed, the paper should be coated paper, kraft paper, or golden paper as below, which is not same as surface, and it’s better to do lamination to protect ink on.

    Corrugated Mailer Boxes 4

    The more kinds of paper which could be used for suface paper for printed mailer boxes could be viewed by clicking this article.

    Printing of corrugated mailer boxes

    Both sides of mailer boxes could be printed. And different request of printing need different material to match.

    Printing outside

    Printing of mailer box refers to the process of applying custom graphics, text, or images onto the surface of a mailer box using a printing method such as digital or offset printing. The purpose of printing on a mailer box is to customize and brand the box with a company logo, product information, or other marketing messages to enhance the packaging and overall customer experience.

    This printing process can be done on various types of boxes made of different materials, such as corrugated cardboard or chipboard, and can involve one or more colors depending on the design and desired effect. The goal of printing on a mailer box is to create a visually appealing and informative package that not only protects the contents during transit but also helps promote the product and brand to the recipient.

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    Printing inside

    Printing the inside of a mailer box refers to the process of applying custom graphics, text, or images to the interior surface of the box. This is typically done using a digital printing process, which allows for high-quality, full-color printing without the need for expensive setup costs or minimum order quantities. The purpose of printing the inside of a mailer box is to enhance the overall unboxing experience for customers, as well as to provide practical information or promotional messages as needed. By carefully designing and printing the inside of a mailer box, businesses can create a more engaging and memorable experience for customers, while also reinforcing their brand and providing value-added content.

    hair packaging box
    Corrugated Mailer Boxes 5

    More Style Options

    Suggest more styles to make the mailer boxes more attractive to improve your sales.

    Sleeve corrugated box

    In case of the printed mailer box to be auto-opened on the way to your clients, a printed paper sleeve is a good choice, which is helpful for looking and protecting the box closed safely.

    Corrugated Mailer Boxes 6

    Perforated corrugated box

    For the products need to be shown from outside, a shaped window is suggested. Small window could show part of products and also keep it’s shown without the mailer box opened.

    Corrugated Mailer Boxes 7

    We Are The Custom Printed Mailer Boxes Supplier From China

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    Frequently Asked Questions Before Inquiry

    In order to show your all details carefully before inquiry, we list the most frequently asked questions as below for your reference.

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    custom mailer boxes

    For one sample / proof to test, we will provide a digital printed sample with correct size and strcture to test. The cost include courer cost depends on the size and request of you. Contact our sales to get more suggestion. 

    All printed mailer boxes to be packaged flat and unassembled. This could help to save shipping cost and safe on the way.

    Corrugated Mailer Boxes 9

    Among the standard sizes, our popular mailer box sizes include 6” x 6” x 2”, 10” x 8” x 4”, and 14” x 12” x 3” (L x W x D).

    For custom sizes, you can create one within the following dimensions:

    Length: 3” – 25”
    Width: 2” – 25”
    Depth: 1” – 15”


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