3 Biggest Difference For Box with a Magnet

When you are looking for a premium packaging solution for your product, you want something that keeps your product safe and secure throughout the process, while creating a great impact on the buyers, and hence, box with magnet is a perfect choice. 

In comparison to traditional cardboard boxes, box with magnetic flap stand out as being superior primarily due to two factors: functionality and aesthetics. Magnetic boxes are truly functional as they keep your product safe and secure during transit and till it reaches the customer. 

box with magnet
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    Maybe you are confused by many different looks of box with magnet. In order to introduce to you clearly, we have 3 big steps to express it clearly.

    1. Different Flap

    As there is a huge demand for magnetic boxes, a lot of manufacturers offer innovative magnetic boxes to suit varied packaging needs. Some of the popular styles of magnetic gift boxes are as follows:

    1.1 Square Flap

    The orthogonal and regular flap is the common box with magnet. This solution is also the economic to produce due to it could be handled by machine. This way need the short time to finish. 

    5 Steps To Rich Your Rigid Box With Magnet 1

    1.2 Triangle Flap

    Triangle shape of the falp will help you make the box looks more attractive. Meanwhile, it will cost you more, also need more time to produce, because all the process of triangle shape is manual working. And there is no requirements for angles. So there is no standard data, which is upto you.

    5 Steps To Rich Your Rigid Box With Magnet 2

    1.3 Shaped Flap

    Except the relugar shape, such as square flap and triangle flap, the flap also could be designed as the shape as you imagine. And you know, the more complex shape need more cost and time to produce. So we don’t suggest use too complex shape when the budget is not too much.

    5 Steps To Rich Your Rigid Box With Magnet 3

    2. Different Closure

    As there is a huge demand for magnetic boxes, a lot of manufacturers offer innovative magnetic boxes to suit varied packaging needs. Some of the popular styles of magnetic gift boxes are as follows:

    2.1 Common magnetic closure box

    The common closure is same as most of magnetic gift box, which is closed by flap out, also you could add a small tail on the flap to open. This function is worked by one magnet on flap and another metal plate inside the inner box.

    5 Steps To Rich Your Rigid Box With Magnet 4

    2.2 Closed by ribbion

    A magnetic box with a ribbon is an ideal choice when you want a decorative closure on the box. The use of magnets gives a secure closure to the box, while the ribbon improves its aesthetics. There are many innovative styles available in this category. One can opt for a magnetic gift box with a ribbon and transparent window, a magnetic closure box with two flaps and ribbon, or a folding magnetic box with ribbon.

    Foldable Gift Box With Ribbon

    2.3 Closed by handle with magnet

    These classy magnetic gift boxes come with magnetic closures and sophisticated handles to make it convenient for users to take these boxes from one place to another.

    handle gift box

    2.4 Closed by double open door

    These magnetic boxes have a double door, a built-in form insert, and exquisite surface printing to showcase your brand. They look unique and appealing and are perfect for packing cosmetics, skincare products, and a lot more.

    Double Door Box

    3. If the magnetic boxes could be foldable

    A big pains point of purchasing from China is that the volume of box with magnet is too big. Big volume means more cost of shipping and storage. So the supplier of gift box develop some new structure of magnetic boxes to save the space. So the big point to distinguish the box if it could be folded.

    3.1 Magnet boxes with fixed size

    Most magnetic gift boxes you saw is fixed size. The advantage of it is strong enough to hold and shaped very nice. The disadvantage is big volume. It also is a best choice when you have heavy products inside, such as bottle..etc.

    5 Steps To Rich Your Rigid Box With Magnet 5

    3.2 Foldable magnetic boxes

    Foldable magnetic boxes have the advantage of both magnetic closure box and the folded box. It is built to a rigid gift box when you open it and tear off the sticker on the corner to paste it as a fixed size of magnetic boxes. Its volume is saved too much when it’s on the way with flat packing.

    Foldable Magnetic Box

    Most of the good manufacturers provide a range of customisation options to make your box fit your branding needs. It is a two-way solution for packaging and branding. They can highlight your brand and company logo with different surface finishing such as embossing, debossing, spot UV, gloss varnishing, gold/silver foiling etc. They also provide various insert options to keep your product safe inside the box, such as EVA, sponge foam, PE, pulp, paper card, etc. Most manufacturers can design and customise a magnetic box according to your needs. A box with a magnet not only provides safe and secure packaging for your products, but can also open a door to opportunities by catching the attention of potential customers and taking your branding to the next level.

    4. Other finishing to make it more attractive

    We also could help you more to attract more eyes if you would not like the styles aboved. For example, we could help to dig the cover into shape as you want to show the products inside by window. And also we could make a hollowed out sleeve to show your slogan or logo. Any imagine from you could be came true from our working room. As below, we list some ones for your reference.

    4.1 Box with magnet have a window

    A magnetic box with a window looks beautiful while giving a user a chance to see through the box to know what’s inside and then improve their action to buy it. The window is usually made up of PVC material, and products are lifted by inlay under the window. One can customise it with gloss, matter, and spot UV coating options. These are the ultimate choice for premium accessories.

    Magnetic Box With Window

    4.2 Hollowed out box with magnet

    When you don’t want to do more working on box, we could hollow out the sleeve into the design you want. Then it make your packaging looks different with others and more attractive. Meanwhile, you could hollow out the design on the top of box. And there is a disadvantage of it, the strength of top will be weak. That’s why the complex hollow out working is not on top of box directly.

    box with magnet

    What makes box with magnet a popular choice for premium packaging?

    • The paper used for magnetic boxes usually weighs 800gsm-2000gsm, which combines well with the chipboard frame. A magnet helps in fastening the body and cover of the box and ensures safe opening and closing of the box. The high durability of the box helps customers preserve products for a long time.
    • A box with a magnet is usually made up of chipboard cardboard, a magnet, high-grade printing paper, and accessories like bows and flowers to decorate it. The hard chipboard covers the box, and printed paper enhances its appearance. The magnet is an important part that helps to attach the lid to the box to make opening and closing convenient for the users. Their sophisticated and beautiful design attracts both the users and others. They help enhance your brand value and boost brand awareness.
    • With their sophisticated and beautiful design, these boxes catch the attention of the potential buyers and impress the customers. You can feel the value of the gift inside the box. Therefore, magnetic paper boxes are always the first choice for premium gifts or products.
    • Magnetic boxes are often made using fine quality papers to ensure sharp and high image quality. It also usually incorporates surfacing techniques such as logo stamping, UV coating, and varnishing with special textures. All of these play an important role in enhancing the aesthetics of the product. Due to its durability, a magnetic gift box is often reused by its users many times.