7 Best Box Surface Finishing for Custom Paper Boxes

The finishing of outside of box will make your packaging more attractive and improve the hot sales

box surface finishing

Box Surface Finishing 1: Lamination

Lamination is a thin plastic film, which is pasted on surface of paper. The lamination machine hot the material and heavily press it onto the paper, which is not easy to drop off and be used widely on box and printed paper tubes.

Advantage 1: it’s function to protect the surface of box from water and dampness.

Advantage 2: it is used to decorate the box. For example, make the surface feel matte or glossy, and also make the surface feeling to be touched. And it could make the surface don’t be scratched.

Advantage 3: it make the box more stronger than no lamination. After been laminated, the pulling force is improved. Then the folding edge of box could not be teared off.

Glossy lamination

box surface finishing

It have glossy feeling and a smooth surface. The layer could stop the water and dampness. 

Matte lamination

box surface finishing

Mak the box looks like matte and luxury feeling. Also have waterproof surface.

Soft touch lamination

This lamination make the surface to be touched soft feeling. Meanwhile, it’s expensive than others.

Anti-scratch lamination

box surface finishing

The surface have no marks after being scratched. It’s most useful for dark background.

Box Surface Finishing 2: Varnishing

What's varnishing?

Varnish is a liquid finishing on surface of paper boxes, to give a clear shiny, matte or silk coating. Meanwhile Protect the color print and prevent the color ink from rubbing off.

Category:Glossy varnishing, matte varnishing, UV varnishing, highlight varnishing.

Advantage:the cost of varnishing is cheaper than other finishings. And it’s fast to brush and dry. It could save your lead time.

Disadvantage:don’t make the paper more strong to fold.

box surface finishing

Box Surface Finishing 3: Hot Foil Stamping

Hot foil stamping is a kind of printing. The stamping machine transfer the foil material onto the surface of paper with high temperatures. It need a foil plate to do and the plate is customized freely.

Even though there are many finishing to highlight the brand, the hot foil stamping is the most been used, due to it looks more luxury and last long times. And also it have thousands of foils to decorate your brand.

Gold Foil Stamping

box surface finishing

Gold foil have many options, such as glossy gold, classical gold, matte gold. And it also could be done with embossing together.

Silver Foil Stamping

box surface finishing

The most silver foil we used is mirror surface and matte surface. It is best to match the dark background, such as black, glue paper.

Material Of Foil

box surface finishing

There are thousands of foils for your choice. Our sales representatives will show you a catalogue to choose. Contact them to get via form at bottom.

Box Surface Finishing 4: Embossing

Design the metal plate with different height and press it on paper or other materials by tons of power, then the embossing will be shown. The height of embossing depends on your design and thickness of paper.

box surface finishing

Box Surface Finishing 5: Debossing

Debossing is an optisited process of creating embossing. Just change the raised area of brand. The deepth is not suggested too big, or else, the paper will be teared off.

box surface finishing

The advantage of embossing and debossing is they could make the brand looks like 3D to attract more eyes.
The disadvantage of them is their cost is more than othere finishing, such as lamination, varnishing and hot foil stamping.

Box Surface Finishing 6: Textured

It’s similar as embossing, and the pattern is small and cover all the whole paper. Texture is slight and allow you do other finshing such as spot uv, foil stamping.

box surface finishing

Textured finishing need the paper is strong enough. Normally, it is done after the paper is laminated, or the paper is special paper strongly. And it don’t be suited to thin paper, such as 157gsm,128gsm paper.

Box Surface Finishing 7: Spot UV

Spot UV means to do UV coating for specific area. And allow to add layers of it to get thick ones. Then it could highlight the brand by touched feeling and shiny looking.

The area of spot uv should be not too small, or else it will looks blurry. Also not suggested too big, beacuse the cost will be expensive due to it’s costed by size. More big area, more expensive. 

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