Box Material Types For Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Board is made of the front surface linerboard, back surface linerboard and the corrugated medium(fluting).Fluting is generally produced using waste based fluting medium, semi-chemical fluting medium is used for enhanced properties.

  • A FLUTE – 5mm – A – used for die-cut boxes
  • B FLUTE – 3mm – B – Good puncture resistance + Most
  • C FLUTE – 4mm – C – Good stacking and protection + Very Common Grade
  • E FLUTE – 1.5mm – E – Lightweight fine flute
  • F FLUTE – 1mm – F – Extra thin
Box Material Types

Box material types for rigid boxes

The material of rigid boxes is grey board to make the box strong and make it shaped. Then paste a printed paper on grey board to make it customized. You could choose different material as outside cover, such as special paper, leather, or cloth, not only paper stock.

The common thickness used for rigid box is 1.5mm, 2mm,3mm, grey board depends on size of box and printing.

Box Material Types
Box Material Types

Material of Cardboard Paper Boxes

Most of cardboard paper boxes is made of  C1S paper, kraft paper, black cardboard,or special paper with texture. And the thickness of them should be 120gsm kraft paper,200gsm,250gsm,300gsm…etc depends on size of boxes and printing.

Box Material Types
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